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Cherry Tomatoes

Cherry tomatoes. Red and orange fruit from the volunteers that are growing out back. Whooo-hooo!

I've been picking one, two, or three tomatoes at a time for the past week or so. Tuesday morning, I harvested that lot which you see in the photo. They all went into an onion and zucchini egg scramble I made yesterday. Yummmmm.

B is for Baler

The mascot for San Benito High School, also known as Hollister High School, is the Baler. The mascot is not the machine that turns loose hay into compacted bales. Uh uh. It's the farmer who once upon a time cultivated hay by hand.

When I was in school, nearly 50 years ago, we were formally known as the Haybalers. I have no idea when the name was shortened to Baler. What I do know is this: Once a Baler, always a Baler.

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Hit the Nail on the Head

On our outing with the Young Old Fogeys last Saturday, we checked out the Carriage Room Museum, which once housed carriages for the family who established Folgers Coffee. The museum was small but had a lot of interesting tidbits about the once-upon-a-time Folger estate as well as local history of Woodside, California.

An item called "Cut Nails" caught my eye. According to the exhibit's label, iron nails were made by hand until the late 1700s. A tradesman, called a slater, cut specific sizes of nails from iron, after which another tradesman, called the nailer, formed the nail heads and points on his anvil.

Look at how skinny these nails are and how tiny their heads are!

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Warning, warning, Will Robinson. I'm musing about the state of our union today. Don't read any further than this paragraph, if that stuff gives you the hiccups.  For you, I have instead the above crazy photo that I painted with Photoshop art filters.  Can you find the face in the tree trunk?

Onward. . .

Craziness is in the air. A lot of it today, if we are to believe the old-fashioned press, not subjective media (left or right).  And, I do believe the honest reporting that is out there.

What do you think: The guy who is supposed to be the President of the United States, a Putin puppet?

Did it bug you that trump believes Putin didn't fiddle with the 2016 presidential election because Putin said he didn't? What about all the contrary findings in Robert Mueller's investigation?

Is trump a Traitor?

Also, do you still have faith that the Republican leaders in Congress are for us little guys?

Do you ever think that trump's MAGA is really Make America Great Russian …

Hop, Skip Sunday

Have I already told you that I'm starting to think maybe going on 65 is as fun as going on 5?

Oh, my, just think how I shall feel when I turn 65 at the end of the year.

Hello Medicare!

Thank you, yes, I will take that senior discount honoring those of us who made it to 65 years old and over.

And, that's not even talking about the joyful feeling of letting go of yet another unnecessary responsibility. Ahhh.

Yesterday, the Husband and I enjoyed a lovely summer day hanging out with friends under redwood trees. Not only did we breathe in fresh filtered air (thank you, Redwood trees!) but also floated in the warmth and love of long-time friendships.

Our friends are an amazing simpatico blend of the Husband's and my friends from our college and work days and their spouses and friends. We come from all points of the regions. At least once a year we plan some kind of adventure, usually a walk then lunch, and who ever can come, comes.  Whenever we get together, everyone gets to kn…

Untitled II

"Do not let the behavior of others destroy your inner peace." ~ Dalai Lama

My New Reading Glasses

Two prized finds among the Mama's stuff were the Daddy's eyeglasses and my middle school eyeglasses, which I hung on the hallway wall with a couple of old sunglasses. Because I lost a screw on my red Hollywood sunglasses, I was checking those on the wall. They didn't work. Oh, well. For the fun of it, I tried on my middle school eyeglasses.

What do you know? I can read with them! Waaaaay better than the reading part of my new progressive lenses.  I haven't tried my middle school eyeglasses with reading paperback tiny print, but they are so far so good with magazines and newspapers, as well as with books that have 12-point type or the illusion of 12-point type.

The Mama held onto things because, she said, you never know when you may need them. With these certain eyeglasses, it only took 52 years, more or less.

Che Bene!

It took the itchy flea bites to finally get me to the sewing machine.  For me, a good summer means insect bites, in particular, flea ones. The other day, I came home with seven flea bites on my left leg, from ankle to hip.

A few years ago I discovered if I apply heat to an itchy bite, the itch goes away almost instantly, which means I don't end up with scars because I didn't scratch as much, giving the swollen bite sites a chance to heal properly.

So, this morning, after I opened the blinds and curtains, I headed to the sewing machine, which has been waiting to be used since the start of the year. The scissors I bought in May finally came out of its package. A box of fabric on the sewing table was already open.

Snip, snip. A rectangular shape was cut out of a fabric scrap. The rectangle was folded in half for double strength.  On went the sewing machine. One side, two sides sewn. Rip went the rice package and rice poured into the pouch. The ends of the last open side was tuc…

A is for Alterations

Today starts a new round of the alphabet at ABC Wednesday. My theme for #23 is nothing ambitious as the last round, so I think. Signs and Such that I happen to see as I wander around San Benito County, California, my home, is this round's theme.

I came across this sign for alterations on a window of a long-time laundry service on main street in Hollister, the county seat. Today, fewer people have basic sewing skills, or, for that matter, the time to do mending, unless a person is willing to do it while stuck in traffic.

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Molly Sleeps Anywhere She Wants

Go ahead, Missus Lady. Work on the computer. Don't mind me. Purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

Did Anyone Ever Tell You...

"Did anyone ever tell you that you look like Jerry Garcia?"

So asked two ladies of the Husband at an event that we attended last Saturday.

When his hair and beard gets long and full, he gets that question often. I like it when someone is reminded of ZZ Top. Then the Husband's beard is much, much longer.

A month ago, we were at a nursery with good friends Missus & Mister H. Someone asked Missus H where she found the plant she was holding. She said, "See that hairy guy? Look over there." The Husband told me later that he thought, "Hey!" when he overheard her.

Myself. I like to call the Husband, with his current look, The Wild Man of Borneo.

I like the above photo of the Husband.  You can't tell from it that he was striking a sarcastic pose. I cropped it because I liked the way the lighting played on him. Below is the full photo of him standing in front of a historic settler's cabin. I think he was pretending to be Kit Carson, Jim Bowie, som…

An Easy Sunday Morning

Molly the Cat walked out of the office just now. My taking photos of her while sleeping annoyed her. The camera has a loud beep when it turns on. That's how she knew.

The Girl got me up a few minutes after sunrise. I knew this because I'd stumbled back to bed after a visit to the bathroom. The morning already felt hot so there was no instant getting back to snoozeville. I almost got there when Molly gave out a roar downstairs. I chose to ignore it as well as her next roar.


Crash! Then a tinkle of something broken.

Sigh. The Husband of course was oblivious to Molly's noises.

I found the something broken in the kitchen sink. It was the yellow porcelain crocus that sat in a cup on the kitchen window ledge. Two of its petals broke off. I stuck the crocus back into the cup and placed the petals on the saucer. Still looks good.

Molly probably was tracking a squirrel running along the fence. Does she know what she would do if she ever caught one?

I still felt groggy but …


Need I say more. 
Cheers to one and all!
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I See You

"Peek-a-boo," says Molly the Cat. 
This morning. It was.
I'm linking up with the monthly photography meme Wandering Camera hosted by Soma Acharya of Whims and Fancies. Click here to learn more about the meme and to check out other participants.

Huh? Lock Our Doors?

A police officer knocked at our door over an hour ago. Through our black steel security door, he asked the Husband questions about recent events on our street.

Ten minutes before the officer's knock, the Husband came upstairs to tell me that he hadn't notice the heavy traffic on our street before. (He had been sitting in the kitchen doing the bills.) I shrugged and said, "Sounds normal."

The Husband told the officer about the traffic and a police cruiser going by, but there weren't any sirens. The Husband didn't realize he was talking to a law enforcement officer until he asked, "Do you live nearby?" That's when the officer mentioned the police was pursuing a suspect in the area. And, that's when the Husband noticed the officer's badge.

When I heard about the pursuit (the Husband didn't mention any police cars to me), I knew then that the Husband was most likely seeing a lot more than the normal number of cars zipping by. I'…

Zed. Zowie! Zee.

Last week was the wedding of Winnie the Wallaby and Thomas the Tree Kangaroo. They hope you enjoyed the fun. They are honeymooning in Australia and New Zealand, by the way.

Their reception was a blast. Sorry to say, pictures have yet to be processed. Judge Jennifer the photographer has been busy in court, and her assistant Zebediah the Zorilla Striped Polecat is no where to be found. Neither is Nalia the Napoleon mastiff of the Nfinity x 3 Security, for that matter. Some of the creatures say the two have taken off to Las Vegas.

Fortunately, I have at least one more photo to show from the wedding. Winnie, Thomas, and some of us wedding attendants thought it would be fun to pose in a silly face-in-hole board. Crazy, huh? Us, animals, in human bodies.

The wedding cake by Katja the Kookaburra was delicious. The music by Leticia and the Ladybugs was delightful. The decor by the Max Family, divine. And, when Hazel the Hammerhead Shark finished the Hawaiian Wedding Dance hula, there was no…

Our Molly the Cat

When we've been out and about more than usual, Molly the Cat comes upstairs to the office to hang with us in the afternoon until dinner time.

Sometimes she wanders in, circles the room to see what we're doing, then leaves, as if to say just checking. Other times, she jumps onto my desk and walks back and forth in front of me. Purrrrrrrrrr. When she's done with my attention, she heads over to the Husband and does the same thing. Purrrrrr.

And, then there are the times where she decides to stretch out at my feet and take a nap. So sweet, our Molly the Cat

Cheers on a Monday

This afternoon, the Husband and I were walking in town when I made eye contact with a man walking onto the sidewalk. He smiled. I said, "Hello."

"Hello," said he.

"Do we know you?" I asked. He looked familiar.


"Oh, well happy Tuesday."

"Happy Tuesday to you."

"It's Monday," said the Husband.

"It's Tuesday," I said.

"Monday, I think," said the man opening the locked gate to a bank parking lot. "You're starting to confuse me."

"Oh, yeah, I was at the museum this morning," I said to the Husband. Lately, I've been volunteering on Monday mornings at our local historical museum. Helping catalog donated items, I am.

"Yes you were," said the Husband.

"Ah, it's Monday." I looked back at the man who we didn't know him even though he looked so familiar. "Have a good one."

"You, too," he said to the Husband and me as w…

A Fellowship

The past two weeks, I found a fellowship among like minded people standing on a corner in our small city in our rural California county. We took a couple hours out of our Saturday morning to protest against our federal government's decision to separate families who cross over the border without the proper papers.

Politics aside, taking children, especially very young children,  from their parents was a heartless and unjust move on our government. Yes, the current White House administration said it wouldn't do it anymore, but, without the public light on them, can we trust them to reunite the families.

Last week, about 26 of us stood on the corner. Yesterday, we were more than 80 women, men, and children standing strong. That's a big turnout for our neck of the woods.

For nearly two hours, we heard car horns and saw people in cars waving at us. The people in those cars were like-minded, too. They acknowledged what we were doing and approved it. I hope that they felt…