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Cherry Tomatoes

Cherry tomatoes. Red and orange fruit from the volunteers that are growing out back. Whooo-hooo!

I've been picking one, two, or three tomatoes at a time for the past week or so. Tuesday morning, I harvested that lot which you see in the photo. They all went into an onion and zucchini egg scramble I made yesterday. Yummmmm.


  1. Ah, the joys of gardening. Food ripe for the picking.

  2. Nothing beats a home-grown tomato - as a child, I always enjoyed eating them right off the plant, still warm from the sun!

  3. We finally got our first few fresh from the vine yesterday too. Definitely, yum! :)

  4. Sounds fantastic, exactly what I love for a Sunday brunch. I could hardly keep them around when I grew them, I'd eat them all as soon as they were ready. Had some incredible yellow ones the other day, helps keep me away from the sweets.

    1. Yesterday afternoon all I could think about was what kind of desserts I wanted to eat. Chocolate cake, carrot cake, apple pie. We managed to drive by a farmstand that sells awesome pies without me talking us into buying an oallalieberry pie.

    2. A what now? I hit a farmstand yesterday and got two fresh juicy tomatoes and made an incredible very high calorie cheesy omelette with green peppers, onions and tomatoes for brunch.

    3. Ah a kind of Cali blackberry. The name is so you.

    4. Your omlette sounds delicious! My eyes saw the word cheesy again, so now I want a Grilled Cheeeeeeeeeeeeesy Sandwich. The oallalieberry (don't feel like learning how to spell it correctly. bad me. is the Husband's favorite. Hadn't heard about it until the first time we visited this farmstand. You'll like its name-- Gizdich Ranch.


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