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A Roar of a Morning Glory

I read that morning glory blooms last one day, hence the sweet flower's name. Well, then, I shall stop complaining about how quickly the new kind of morning glory I sowed this year fades away. Isn't it gorgeous, oh so frilly pretty in pink?  By the way, do you see a face in the morning glory? I see a couple. In the above color photo, when I focus on the slit,  which looks like an eye, I see a lion's face. Now, in the black and white photo below, I see a profile of a face looking to the left in that bottom petal. Anyone else see a chin and mouth?  
Do you see faces in flowers, clouds, trees, and other objects? There's a name for that ability. It's called pareidolia. There are times when I'd rather not see faces in things, especially when they're spooky. I'm sharing with Mosaic Monday today. Yes, I know it's Tuesday. :-)

Reading One to Thirteen

My 13 things today are books I've read that have a number in their title, except for #11. I had to refer to my Goodreads list to come up with the titles. Some of the titles are from waaaaaay back, such as the one by Thurber, which I want to re-read.

One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich
by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

A Tale of Two Cities

by Charles Dickens

Tres Pinos—Its Colorful Past
by Peter Frusetta 
(Tres is Spanish for three.)

Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing

by Judy Blume


by Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.

Now We are Six

by A.A. Milne

Seven Dials

by Anne Perry

Eight Cousins

by Louisa May Alcott

Nine Coaches Waiting

by Mary Stewart

Ten Little Indians (And Then There Were None)

by Agatha Christie

Index to Murder

by Jo Dereske
(This is #11 in the Miss Zukas series.)

The Twelve Clues of Christmas

by Rhys Bowen

The 13 Clocks

by James Thurber

What books have you read with numbers in their title?

Check out more lists of 13 at Thursday 13.

Garden Art 2020

Zip, rip. Wrap. Zip, rip. Wrap.

"That looks like fun," said the Husband.

"Want to make one?"

See the yellow butterfly in the above photo mosaic. That's the Husband's creation.

I love it when the Husband plays artsy-crafty with me. Over the past few months, we transformed hangers and colored and patterned tape into four butterflies. The fourth butterfly was shy about getting its photo taken. We think it may be hiding near the back fence.

I thought it would be cool to hang butterflies around the backyard. I was done after making three. I still have a lot hangers. What to do with them? What to do?

Who has made a desk by setting a solid piece of plywood (or door) over two file cabinets (or something like that)?

My canvas of a plywood board was once my desk top when the Husband and I lived in the big city area almost two decades ago. Pshew, wow. I wrote a whole bunch of good stuff on that desk. Before being my desk, the plywood board was the h…

Sunday Stealing: From Upstream Life

This week Sunday Stealing, hosted by Bev Sykes, has participants musing over questions taken from Upstream Life.

1. Name 5 people you admire and why.
• Daddy. Family was important for him. He took his responsibilities seriously. He made sure his children got the opportunities for a good life.
• Mama was resolute, stoical, full of love and cheeriness, but oh so sad. Also full of spirit, spit, and vinegar, Mama didn't let her misery keep her down. She had more than her share, including living through war and losing two children. 
• The Husband. My gosh. I'm not an easy person to live with.
• Winifred, my mentor, my writing partner, my friend. She took a chance on me (#6). Winifred was an amazing, gifted, and giving person who taught me how to develop and create educational materials that respect and teach the learners.
• Kathy, a friend from grammar school days. I love her humor, her wit, her intelligence. For years, she went back and forth, several times a year to visit her pare…