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An End-of-August Q & A

I like taking part in   Sunday Stealing every so often. This week, hostess Bev gives us questions that she found at Upstream Life.  1. Your favorite sport. To watch, none. To participate, bicycling and swimming. 2. A quote to live by. “Patience comes to those who wait,” quoteth Su-siee! Mac. I told the Husband that’s what I want on my gravestone.  3. A city in the U.S. you would like to move to. San Juan Bautista or Tres Pinos, two nearby towns. 4. 3 beautiful things in my life. The Husband’s love, my friendships, and our home. 5. What made you laugh today? The deer grazing in our backyard. It’s a  life-size (kinda) metal deer that I bought for 50 cents at a yard sale yesterday. Score! 6. A good deed you did today. The good deed I do everyday: Don’t take over the world. 7. Activities you like to do when you are bored. The usual—reading, painting, gardening, cleaning house, sewing, crafting, watching TV.  8. Are you a procrastinator?   I’m a big-time procrastinator.  9. Your thoughts a

Sitting Among Rainbows

(1) This morning we walked around the block. Definitely a big deal for me who haven’t done much walking. I’ve been getting my exercise playing in the garden, hauling, digging, bending, reaching, pulling, and so forth and so on. I also got a good workout vacuuming the stairs last week.  There’s nothing like stretching my legs though. Best of all, my knees didn’t pop and cough until I took my shoes off, thank you very much. Yeah, I’m still waiting for my turn with the knee surgeon. (2) Other than in my head,  I haven’t felt much like writing. Thus, my latest absence.  (3) It took me awhile to start letting go about feeling guilty for not writing, which I’ve been doing for fun and for a living most of my life. The latter, unnecessary for the present, thankfully. I’m rambling.  (4) Once upon a time, one of my high school teachers told me I could never be a writer because I ramble too much. She, with her bra strap constantly peeking out of her sleeveless blouse. The wise one also discourage