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Molly's Monday #14

Miao, miao. I know it's Tuesday.

I know Missus Lady came back to our blog on Sunday, miaoo, and with a new name for out blog. Purrrrrrrr.

I told her that I wouldn't write until I got to go outside, if just for a little while. Miao. Hero Man let me go out for a few moments this morning. Purrrrrrr.

Since Friday, my humans have kept all the windows and doors shut. They say it is for my good and their good. Miao. The air is awful, they tell me. We live about 240 miles or so south of Paradise where that horrific fire is going on. All those poor people and animals who perished in that fire and the two Southern California fires. Mowwwrrrrr.

That man who pretends to be our President doesn't know what he's talking about. Mowrrr! On Saturday, instead of expressing empathy and support, that oaf of a non-president growled: "There is no reason for these massive, deadly and costly forest fires in California except that forest management is so poor. Billions of dollars are gi…

Molly's Monday #13


Not me. Miao.

I walk under ladders.

I don't care if I walk on cracks.

Black cats better stay out of my yard. Not because I'm superstitious. They're just not welcome like other cats. Miao.

Molly's Monday #12

Yesterday I was listening to my humans talk about people who believe our world is flat. Astounding, miao!

About 2% of Americans are flat-earth believers, according to a 2018 study conducted by YouGov. Miao. Last year the population in the U.S. was about 326 million. I'm saying that everyone counted is considered an American. No arguments, please. Purrrrrrrr.

Two percent or about 325 million people in our country believe the world is flat. Miaaaao!

I wonder if the flat-earth believers have another name for Earth. After all, the word earth means globe, sphere, orb. Round, for pity's sake.

If we lived in a flat world, I don't think we would have balls or anything round.

What kind of shape is the flat world? Is it square? Rectangle? A triangle? Diamond shaped? Miao, a shape with 12 uneven shapes?

Where are the edges of the flat world?


Nap time. See you next Monday. Miao.

Molly's Monday #11

I like wandering in the front yard. Wouldn't you? There are a lot of hidey-hole places from which to choose.

Sometimes I smell where other cats have been. The other day I ran one off our property. Take that, grey cat with white paws. Missus Lady told me that cat was walking around the neighbor's roof the other day. I wonder what that's like.

Missus Lady and Hero Man no longer let me stay out in the front unsupervised, unless it's first thing in the morning and that's only for a few minutes. Long enough for Missus Lady to open the blinds and curtains. Hero Man found me walking off the premises one day. On another day Missus Lady scolded me for walking into the street. I suppose they know better.


Molly's Monday #10

Miao. Missus Lady told me that today marks 10 weeks for me on something ladder something-something view. What are "10 weeks"? Miao, miao.

What's more important to me is for Hero Man and her to feed me the stuff I like.  Miao. What does she means when she says, "You liked this food before. Why won't you eat it now?" It's always the first time when she opens a can and spoons out the contents on my plate. Silly Woman.

They are so stingy with cheese. Last night I could smell cheddar on my humans' hands and lips. They used to give me cheese. Purrrrrrrrr. The taste is delightful. They tell me that I can't have cheese anymore because I throw up afterwards. Ice cream, same thing. So?


The back door just opened. Miao, miao.  See you next week.

Into the Light, Please.

"Go into the sunlight, Molly."

The Husband and I coaxed the furry Girl as she walked beside the side fence. We had been admiring our new front fence, yet again, when we noticed how the late afternoon light lit up our Molly the Cat.

Did she oblige us?

Of course not.

Fortunately, I happened to click the camera just as she wandered off the sun-lit path.

"You're welcome," said Molly the Cat. Purrrrrrr. 

I'm linking up with the photography meme Wandering Camera hosted by Soma Acharya of Whims and Fancies. Click here to learn more about this month's meme and to check out other participants.

Molly's Monday #9

Missus Lady and Hero Man have been hanging outside in the backyard with me a lot lately. I like it, even when they suddenly go into fits of chatter and laughter as they play with their paints, scissors, hammers, saws, and other stuff.

They crack me up, my humans do. Purrrrrrrrrr.

There is one quirk of Missus Lady that bugs me.

Click, click. Click, click.

When I hear that puckering kiss sound, miao, I turn around, miao, nearly all the time.

Click! goes the Missus Lady's camera.

How many pictures of me does she need? Miaooooo.

Molly's Monday #8

I've nothing to say. See you next week. Purrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

First-Time Experience

This morning I was trapped in bed between Molly the Cat and The Husband, both sound asleep. Smiles on their faces. Dreams in their hearts. Musical notes danced from their noses.

I wanted to get up.

That Girl woke me up when she jumped and thumped onto the bed. After doing her settling-in kneading and drooling on the sheet (TMI?), she curled into a snug ball and pressed herself firmly against my side. So much for personal space.

Later. I really wanted to get up.

Still against my side, now upside down, Molly was stretched from around my shoulder to nearly my knee. She laid partway on her back and partway on her side in that twisted way of cats. Her bottom half was on her back with her feet turned away from me and her tummy wide open for the universe to see. (They are so cute, Molly's feet are.) Her front half was on her side, facing towards me with her arms stretched way far. (That cute little nose.) How could I interrupt such a pose from sleep?

With luck, I thought, the Husba…

Molly's Monday #7

I overheard Missus Lady and Hero Man talking about whether to grow a couple of small patches of grass for me to lounge in the back yard. That's nice of them, but it doesn't really matter to me. Besides I rather like that they can't find me right away. Purrrrrrrrrrr.

Molly's Monday #6

Miao, miao. The days are getting cooler. I wonder if it has anything to do with what my humans are saying, "It feels like Fall."

Fall who?

Is Fall one of those tiny doggies that wandered and sniffed around the backyard yesterday morning. Some kind of chihuahua they were.  Miao. I thought I was seeing double. They both wore pink halters. Miao, miao. Maya and Daisy were their names.

I was lying in the Shady Room when Maya came into view. She was too busy checking out the plants to notice me. I had almost tip-toed into the Sunny Room when I came across Missus Lady talking to Long Blonde Hair who suddenly reached down to pick up Daisy.


"Molly isn't bothered at all," Missus Lady said, "If they were cats, she'd be snarling by now."

Missus Lady got that right. The doggies were so much nicer than the cats that try to take over my territory. Those cats have no shame. Miao. 

Daisy and Maya are welcome to wander around my yard anytime.  Purrrrrrrrrr…

The Guard Molly the Cat

Today I'm throwing words onto the page. The end of daily posts for a year is coming up in October. I don't want to break stride. . . .Well, well, well. . .

Hello, Miss Molly by Golly!. . .Why thank you, Madame.

Molly gave me permission to share the photo of her standing at attention, guarding the front yard one morning last month.

Molly's Monday #5

Yesterday evening Hero Man told Missus Lady where my newest favorite spot is in the backyard. Miao.

"The apple tree on the north end?" Missus Lady asked, playing on her computer.

"Yeah. She stares at something in the tree. It's like she's waiting for something. Maybe she saw a baby bird fall out of the tree."

"Apples are always falling. She can get bonkered!"

Miao. Bonkered. I never thought of that. Miao.

Hero Man chuckled. "Maybe that's how cats get high. They get hit in the head, they're suddenly stoned."

"And, seeing stars!"


Miao. That's not funny.

 "We're not laughing at you, Molly," said Hero Man. "We love you."

Silly humans. I love them anyway.


Molly's Monday #4

Someone once asked my humans, "Where does Molly sleep?"

"Wherever she wants."

So true.  Purrrrrrrrrr.

During the day, they let me wander in the backyard. I sleep all over the yard. One of my favorite spots is beneath the avocado tree shielded by the butterfly bush. The only times they won't let me sleep out there is when it's raining, it's too cold, or it's too hot. And, when they go away.

I don't really have a best sleeping spot indoors. I like to circulate to keep Hero Man and Missus Lady on their toes. Missus Lady is really good at finding and cleaning my throw-ups almost right away. My humans don't make me feel bad when it happens. They tell me it happens to the best of us. They also say that they would love it if I would do it on the tiles in the hallway. Sometimes I can oblige.

Last night, I slept with my humans, next to Missus Lady's feet. That's the safest place to be. She doesn't turn much. I like to sleep with them on…

Silver the Cat

This is Silver. Aren't his blue eyes amazingly blue? 

Old Silver lives on good friends Missus and Mister H's ranch. He's a Persian mix, methinks. He rules the cat roost on the ranch. 

Molly Girl doesn't know a thing about him. I think she prefers to not know about any cats that The Husband and I know.

"Miao, miaooo! That's right!" exclaims Molly from down the hall.

Molly's Monday #3


On Sunday, after a whole week of traipsing about every day, my humans lazed about the house. They also did a bit of puttering. Over breakfast, I overheard my humans agreeing that Hero Man will put in new light bulbs in the kitchen. They've been using the kitchen stove light and a flickering light above the sink for several nights.

Late afternoon, Missus Lady thumped down the stairs from the office to fix lunper (lunch + supper). After she stuck the chicken into the toaster oven, she opened the hallway closet and pulled out bags and packages of all sorts of light bulbs. For weeks, Hero Man said to Missus Lady, "We need light bulbs." She answered, "We have a lot in the closet." Said he, "I looked." Said she, "They're there."

Hero Man was surprised to see all the light bulbs in the hallway. "Where were they?" Missus Lady replied, "In the bookcase in the closet." Said he, "All I found was the bag with the large…

Molly's Monday #2

My adoption papers say that I was born on August 8, 2010. That means I'll be turning eight on Wednesday. Three cheers for me: Miao! Miao! Miao!

For my birthday:
I wish the day to not be too hot. I wish to hang outside most of the day. I wish tasty food for my meals. And, I wish Hero Man and Missus Lady to stay home and be available to cater to all my needs.  That's my birthday wishes. Purrrrrrrrrr. 

Il Lunedi di Molly la Gatta


Sono Molly la Gatta. Molly the Cat, I am, to the rest of you.

Missus Lady said if I wanted to write Monday posts, have at it. Quindi eccomi qui. So here I be. For as long as I want, I shall be Monday's guest blogger on The View from the Top of the Ladder. (It's time for a new name, agree?)

Meow. Or, should you prefer, miao.

Have you read any Italian words so far? Sorry. Scusa. That's the Missus Lady inserting Italian words as I dictate to her. 

Missus Lady is learning Italian in a very disorderly way. Does she sign up for a class or listen to tapes? No (same in Italian, by the way a proposito, lo stresso in Italiano). When she remembers she wants to learn Italian, she finds an online translator thing and keys in English phrases. Then she says the Italian version a few times,  causing Hero Man, should he be in the office, to ask, "What are you saying over there?"

Hero Man is learning Italian, too, but he waits until the Missus Lady tells him what words…

Another Lazy Summer Sunday

I haven't had breakfast yet and I'm already thinking nap time. Molly the Cat and I woke up early today. Soon after sunrise.

And, it felt cool. That's a good thing.

It's been hot, I tell you. Maybe not as hot as where you are, but scorchers for us.

It got comfortable yesterday evening. You should've seen Molly. She scampered around the house, jumped on couches, sniffed in corners, and swished around our legs to see what we were doing. Her appetite came back. It was nice to see, after days of her lying like a rag on the floor next to an open window.

This morning, she popped upstairs and jumped on the bed. I pretended to be asleep so I could watch her try to sleep, or maybe stay awake. Whenever she seemed to nod off, she opened her eyes and looked around her. A couple times I closed my eyes only to open them moments later to see her looking at me. Ah, restlessness! We didn't even have to tiptoe away from the happily heavily snoring Husband.

Downstairs, Molly and I…

Molly Sleeps Anywhere She Wants

Go ahead, Missus Lady. Work on the computer. Don't mind me. Purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.