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Molly’s Table

Molly’s dining table was a single white shelf that once belonged to the Husband’s dad who used it in his office. The shelf was the perfect height for Missy Molly by Golly to enjoy her water and meals. 

As you can see, Molly’s table is no longer white. Painted and slapped-happy glued with fabric scraps, snipped pictures and photos, and rose petals, it was.  

Was I ever excited and impressed to see the rose petals stay in place when I set the table upright? The Husband asked if the colors will fade. We shall see. 

Molly’s once dining table will become a plant shelf on the table, which was Molly’s dining table in her  young and spry years. Jump. 

I consider this end of the living room where the table sits as being Molly’s space. It was where she came out of her carrier the day we brought her home and where she let go of her last breath to soar into the Universe over a month ago.  And, in between times, this well-lit, airy side of the living room was where the pinky-nosed (wilde) cat ate, napped, hung out, and did her delicate stuff. 

The patio is right off this room, so we kept the door open on nice days for her to go in and out at her pleasure. She was pretty good about staying within the yard.  Most times. 

There were those fun years when she liked to perch on the roof of the shed near the fence, which was protected by the low hanging branches of an avocado tree on one side and an apple tree on the other. (Both trees grew from seeds that Mama saved from fruit she had eaten.) 

Molly got up to roof by herself.  First she hopped up into a rundown chicken coop that stood behind the shed, precariously making her way through the coop, moving around junk and chicken wire coated with spider webs. Once on top of the coop,  she stepped onto a board beneath the eaves of the shed. How she got to the top of the shed from there, I have no idea.

I did know of one way. Thump!  What was that?  That was Molly jumping from the fence to the roof of the shed. We miss our Molly the pinky-nosed (wilde) Cat. ❤️

Today I’m heading over to Mosaic Monday and this coming Friday, Art for Fun Friday. Cheers, One and All!


  1. ...quite a colorful story. RIP Molly!

  2. Replies
    1. She fit in right away with the eccentric household, lol.

  3. Su-sieeemac - so sorry to hear that Molly passed. I still miss our two furbabies terribly. The table is a fabulous, creative way to honor her memory! Thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday!

    1. Thanks, Angie. She became the unifier of the household the moment she came into it.

  4. Interesting how she uses her fabric scraps. I have a basket of scraps. I do not sew much now. My last project was making face masks in the early days of the pandemic😷
    Happy you dropped by my blog
    Remember to link up on Friday Art For Fun


    1. Making face masks is what got me back into sewing. Somewhat. I like to decoupage with fabric scraps at the moment.

  5. I love this, it's so bright and cheerful and a lovely tribute to Molly :)

  6. Su-sieee thanks for linking to Art For Fun Friday


  7. Sorry to hear that Molly passed away.
    What a lovely tribute to her you have made.

  8. A lovely tribute through story and decorated table you have made for dear Molly.

  9. So sorry to hear that Molly passed.

    Loved the decorated table you made for her.


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