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Five Things Today

I thought today is Friday. I'm a few chapters into The Coincidence of Coconut Cake by Amy E. Reichert.  I'm enjoying it and it's so easy to read because the writing is seamless. The surgeon removed the week-old bandage covering the incision that marks the spot where the Husband's pacemaker was inserted last week. "You're good to go," said the surgeon. Hurrah! Why are some people okay about their neighbors being able to hear their music, conversation, and screaming grandkids clear as a bell from their backyard? I found three bags full of the brother's children's clothes in the Mama's closet. They've been there for at least 25 years, when the brother's wife put them in the bags to throw out. Somehow the Mama got her hands on them before she could. 


Old age realizes the dreams of youth: look at Dean Swift; in his youth he built an asylum for the insane, in his old age he was himself an inmate. ~ Soren Kierkegaard When I was a youth, I dreamt of hiking mountains, pedaling bicycles, paddling boats, crafting words for a living, seeing wondrous sights, traveling to distant lands, hanging out with great friends, and sharing life with an honest, respectful, kindly, compassionate, intelligent, and funny gentle man. I have realized, and continue to realize, my youthful dreams. How about you? Youth has no age. ~ Pablo Picasso It's the letter Y at ABC Wednesday . Click here to read other Y posts and/or to join in at the fun weekly meme. 

Pay Attention to Me!

Last night, Molly the Cat plopped in front of me and stretched as far as she could. "You will do no more computer work," Molly said, thumping her tail on the keyboard whenever I reached for it. "None what so ever." The Husband and I were gone the whole day, playing with friends at the coast. It was a kayaking adventure, perfect for the hot summer day. Not to worry, the Husband and Gerry the Pacemaker stayed ashore. Once the Husband can handle it, I have plans for us to go kayaking. Molly the Cat simply has to get used to us going out, and I have to get used to her cutting me off from the computer on those going-out days. Today, I'm linking up at Seasons , a weekly meme hosted by Jeanette of St Germain's Blog. Click here to join in (which is open until Wednesday) or to read other posts.

X Marks the Spot

"The surgeon will make an incision in my chest." "Do you think it will be an X?" I asked. The Husband laughed. I think he laughed. I'll say he laughed. I want him to have laughed. Tomorrow morning, a surgeon will make an incision in the Husband's chest and install a pacemaker. Yup. A pacemaker.  The results of the remote heart-monitor the Husband wore for two weeks showed that every now and then his heart flat-lines for several seconds. Not good at all. Thank goodness this problem was caught now rather than much later and that there is a ready solution. And, thank goodness we have a proactive doctor who cares for his patients and is willing to make insurance companies authorize things immediately. The Husband is ready as ready can be for this procedure. I cut his hair and trimmed his beard so the surgeon and his team wouldn't get annoyed at all that hair, especially his beard. How much hair? It filled the vacuum cleaner's canister

A Wagon Full of Rocks

Last week, the Husband and I rediscovered the landscaping supply store outside of town. Our original intent was to merely check out  the ground covering alternatives for a future pull-out-the-front-lawn project. When I came across the pit full of tiny rocks, I had to have some. So, I got about 5 pounds for about two dollars. What a bargain! I went home and proceeded to quickly use them in cup planters that I was putting together. So, of course, the next day, we went back to the store and I bought 10 pounds. I went home, and, yup, within a couple of hours I was down to a small bowl full of stones. I wasn't close to potting and repotting all the Mama's plants. To make sure I did something else the rest of the week, I didn't go to the store. Good, girl, me. Yesterday morning, I broke down and the Husband and I drove to the store and went home with four bags full of stones for a total of 120 pounds. Ha! We'll see how long that lasts. By the way, that's only

Various Varieties

This is what I've been doing with some of the Mama's various varieties of cups.  This is what I've been doing with some of the Mama's various varieties of plants that need to be put into pots or repotted. I'm having a lot of fun . It's the letter V at ABC Wednesday . Click here to check out the other participants or to link up with the weekly meme started by Denise Nesbitt and continued to day by the ABCW team headed by Roger Green.   .


Unconnected is how I feel when I leave our driveway on Tilda-Hilda. The further away we get from neighborhoods and busy streets, well, you can guess, the more my soul smiles bigger. Unconnected has been the Husband's and my world the last few days. Our phone and DSL lines went dead. Nothing. Zilch. Nada. Big fat zero. The first day I panicked. The second day I relaxed and watched 1960 caper movies with the Husband in the afternoon. The third day I was a bit more responsible and went to the library to use a computer to access my email. The last email was from the Husband who wrote that the lines were working again. I was relieved, at the same time bummed. Unconnected. It's nice every so often. It's the letter U at ABC Wednesday . Click here to check out other paticipants. This weekly meme was started by Mrs. Denise Nesbitt and administered today by the ABCW team under the helm of Roger Green. Thank you, all!