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Back in November I opened a box. Lo and behold, my favorite dinosaurs of old smiled up at me. In this house full of stuff, they chose to hang out in the guest bathroom. I'm glad to see them again.

I'm hanging out at Say Cheese! Tuesday, hosted by joyful Jeanna of Ched Curtain. Check out all the cheesy stuff here.

The Year of the Pen

At yesterday's white elephant Christmas exchange, I scored the gorgeous green, multipurpose ballpoint pen that you see in the photo.  Its tip acts as a stylus. Unscrew the stylus cap to reveal a flat screwdriver head, which you can pull from its housing. . .voila, the other end is a Phillips head. Wait, there is more. Along one side of the pen is a ruler that can measure up to seven inches and the equivalent metric units. In the middle of another side, oh my gosh, is a level! Whenever we sit at a crooked table in a restaurant, I can whip out this pen so that we can wedge the right amount of napkin under the table's leg. Ooooooh.

Over the last three months, I have come into possession of—count them in the photo along with me—uno, due, tre, quattro, cinque penne! All free. Heee, heee.

Beneath the multi-purpose green pen is a fountain pen that I discovered in one of the Husband's parents' boxes. Technically, it belongs to the Husband but he doesn't seem to mind that …

Ponderings from Molly and Me

Molly and I are joining forces today because of whatnot and this. Maybe it'll be a regular thing. We shall see.  Missy Girl wants you to know that today's post is also her Molly's Monday #15.

Molly the Cat: Speaking of seeing, Missus Lady watched a hummingbird in the front yard yesterday. Szzzzz. Szzzzzz. I love watching hummingbirds, but I missed out because I was napping. "You snoozed, you lost," Missus Lady said when she wouldn't let me go out as she was coming in the front door.

Speaking of snoozing, this is what I found when I got back to my desk yesterday evening. The Husband wondered why Missy Girl just didn't go under the table if the light was too much for her. Zzzzzzzzzzz.

Did I Say You're a Troll?
Molly the Cat: The other day I overheard Missus Lady telling Hero Man about a post she was following at a local Facebook group. There was one part that was miao, miao. 
Human #1: Of course you won't believe me. You already think I'm a troll.

A Missed Call

A ne'er-do-well left a message on our phone (land, if you must know) saying he is from the IRS and if we do not respond to his call within 10 minutes, a warrant for our arrest will be issued. The call was left about an hour ago.

The voice left his message in a very brusque, rough tumbling threatening manner, so I can see how the gullible may believe he was from the IRS and sadly give the scammer money.

After we erased the message, the Husband and I thought about reporting the call to the police or the IRS. The voice had left a number to call back, so it's possible an investigator might check. Who knows?

Next time.

Wee, Wee, Wee, All the Way Home!

This is one of the Barnyard Races at our county fair last month. The cute piggies soared around the track. If you blink, you miss them running by you.

Molly's Monday #12

Yesterday I was listening to my humans talk about people who believe our world is flat. Astounding, miao!

About 2% of Americans are flat-earth believers, according to a 2018 study conducted by YouGov. Miao. Last year the population in the U.S. was about 326 million. I'm saying that everyone counted is considered an American. No arguments, please. Purrrrrrrr.

Two percent or about 325 million people in our country believe the world is flat. Miaaaao!

I wonder if the flat-earth believers have another name for Earth. After all, the word earth means globe, sphere, orb. Round, for pity's sake.

If we lived in a flat world, I don't think we would have balls or anything round.

What kind of shape is the flat world? Is it square? Rectangle? A triangle? Diamond shaped? Miao, a shape with 12 uneven shapes?

Where are the edges of the flat world?


Nap time. See you next Monday. Miao.

Precarious Perch


I don't know.

Would you climb up those ladders?

I rate that climb as double-sweaty palms, five gulps, and one big shudder.

Jumping Goats

A Whole Lot of Shaking Going On

What's a handshake? What kind of unsaid agreement is made when we shake hands with each other? Why do some men still find it odd to shake women's hands? And, is it just older men?

Last Saturday, The Husband and I met up with good friends Missus and Mister H at the two-buck senior brunch hosted by the local hospital volunteer group. As the brunch was winding down, a bunch of handshaking was going on.

At our table, the first person to shake hands with The Husband and Mister H was a city mayoral candidate. After he shook the guys' hands, I held mine up for a shake which startled him. He quickly hid it and shook my hand. I was surprised that he was momentarily stunned at the thought of shaking a woman's hand. After all, he has been working in the community for over 40 years, including being on boards with women.

A few minutes after that T, whom The Husband and I are getting to know more each time we see him at community functions, said his good-byes. He shook hands with …

My New Reading Glasses

Two prized finds among the Mama's stuff were the Daddy's eyeglasses and my middle school eyeglasses, which I hung on the hallway wall with a couple of old sunglasses. Because I lost a screw on my red Hollywood sunglasses, I was checking those on the wall. They didn't work. Oh, well. For the fun of it, I tried on my middle school eyeglasses.

What do you know? I can read with them! Waaaaay better than the reading part of my new progressive lenses.  I haven't tried my middle school eyeglasses with reading paperback tiny print, but they are so far so good with magazines and newspapers, as well as with books that have 12-point type or the illusion of 12-point type.

The Mama held onto things because, she said, you never know when you may need them. With these certain eyeglasses, it only took 52 years, more or less.

Huh? Lock Our Doors?

A police officer knocked at our door over an hour ago. Through our black steel security door, he asked the Husband questions about recent events on our street.

Ten minutes before the officer's knock, the Husband came upstairs to tell me that he hadn't notice the heavy traffic on our street before. (He had been sitting in the kitchen doing the bills.) I shrugged and said, "Sounds normal."

The Husband told the officer about the traffic and a police cruiser going by, but there weren't any sirens. The Husband didn't realize he was talking to a law enforcement officer until he asked, "Do you live nearby?" That's when the officer mentioned the police was pursuing a suspect in the area. And, that's when the Husband noticed the officer's badge.

When I heard about the pursuit (the Husband didn't mention any police cars to me), I knew then that the Husband was most likely seeing a lot more than the normal number of cars zipping by. I'…

Cheers on a Monday

This afternoon, the Husband and I were walking in town when I made eye contact with a man walking onto the sidewalk. He smiled. I said, "Hello."

"Hello," said he.

"Do we know you?" I asked. He looked familiar.


"Oh, well happy Tuesday."

"Happy Tuesday to you."

"It's Monday," said the Husband.

"It's Tuesday," I said.

"Monday, I think," said the man opening the locked gate to a bank parking lot. "You're starting to confuse me."

"Oh, yeah, I was at the museum this morning," I said to the Husband. Lately, I've been volunteering on Monday mornings at our local historical museum. Helping catalog donated items, I am.

"Yes you were," said the Husband.

"Ah, it's Monday." I looked back at the man who we didn't know him even though he looked so familiar. "Have a good one."

"You, too," he said to the Husband and me as w…

Not Celery

Back in March I thought this volunteer plant in the front yard was a celery plant. As it grew and developed, it no longer seemed to be celery. The one stalk remained solo.

When the flowers bloomed, dill came to mind, but there was no dill aroma. Hmmm.

The Husband thought it was hemlock. I thought hemlocks were trees. Was I curious to look it up? Of course not.

Last week, friends came over and concurred with the Husband. Hemlock.  Yup, that's the stuff Socrates drank as punishment for being found guilty by 280 out of 500 peers of not believing in the government's gods and for teaching his students to question authority. Interesting. It got me wondering if people could be put on trial for doing something similar today.

For a poisonous plant, hemlock certainly is pretty. I suppose I ought to pull it out soon.

Update: Thanks to Colleen of Loose Leaf Notes commenting that the plant reminds her of Queen Anne's Lace, I did more research. The plant does look like it, but it's …

"Monty" Python Boots

That's the foot of our new acquaintance Steve, a storyteller of a guy, who we met at yesterday's two-buck senior citizen buffet hosted by the local hospital's volunteer group. Steve was wearing python-skin cowboy boots, and was kind enough to let me take a photo of them.  Both the Husband and I wondered if he called his boots Monty, but neither of us asked him. We just thought it.

Ever heard a python snake?

Me, either.

Good old friend Google coughed up a video sound bite of a python.

Its hiss brought to mind of a flushing toilet. The Husband remarked that would be an awful quiet toilet. He thought the python's hiss is more like the sound of spraying water on leaves. Maybe. My second thought was that the python's hiss almost, almost, sounds like ocean waves. Click here if you want to hear a python's hiss. What does it sound like to you?

It's time for All Seasons, a weekly meme hosted by Jesh at Artworks from Jesh St.G. Click here to check out Jesh. For the …

Good Vibrations

We've been hanging around downtown a lot lately because Eliza the Car has been needing repair work.  Last week she got a tune up, this week, a new brake master cylinder. Next week, she'll have her timing belt and accompanying parts replaced. She's worth it. For being 25 years old and way over the 100K milestone, Eliza continues to be a sturdy, steady, and reliable gal. She may not be as fuel efficient as the electric and hybrid cars, but she still gets better mileage than some SUVs, minivans, and pickups.

When Eliza's in the shop, we treat ourselves to breakfast, after which we walk around town, entertaining ourselves with the little things such as the business signs that we see. The Husband and I got a kick out of the above sign. Who doesn't want positive vibes?


A public phone!

That's right, shades of the pre cell phone days. A telephone book (yellow pages only) was even attached to it. Oh my.

Did it work? Beats us. The Husband and I paid attention to that sign above the payphone.

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