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Good Vibrations

We've been hanging around downtown a lot lately because Eliza the Car has been needing repair work.  Last week she got a tune up, this week, a new brake master cylinder. Next week, she'll have her timing belt and accompanying parts replaced. She's worth it. For being 25 years old and way over the 100K milestone, Eliza continues to be a sturdy, steady, and reliable gal. She may not be as fuel efficient as the electric and hybrid cars, but she still gets better mileage than some SUVs, minivans, and pickups.

When Eliza's in the shop, we treat ourselves to breakfast, after which we walk around town, entertaining ourselves with the little things such as the business signs that we see. The Husband and I got a kick out of the above sign. Who doesn't want positive vibes?


  1. Amazing your car has lasted so long

    1. It was originally the Mama's, and being a little old lady, she didn't drive it much. We didn't need to drive much since our commute was down the hallway, and then we rented a car for long trips. I guess it also helped that we followed the recommended maintenance tune-ups until the dealer no longer carried parts for it.

  2. Cue the Beach Boys, 'Good Vibrations'. :)

    1. Thanks! Beach Boys were awesome musicians. It cracks me up that they weren't surfer dudes.


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Thanks for the good cheer. :-)

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