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Oh No ! ! !

Dear Blogging Friends, Half an hour ago I removed a bunch of spam comments that were put on my blog today. Click. Oh, NOOOOOOOOOOO! I removed the last 100 comments. Aaaaaaaaak! I found instructions for restoring deleted comments that made my eyes roll. Fortunately for me I have copies of most of your wonderful comments in my email box. Alas, not from Birgit, Adam, and others whose comments, for unknown reasons, don't get sent to my email box. So, if you don't see your comments on the more recent posts, you now know why. Please know, I am very, very sorry. Sighingly, Su- sieee ! Mac

13 Years Ago -- I Wouldn't Have Thought

Thirteen years ago, I would've replied "Nooo. Really?" should future me had reached into the time spectrum to tease me about my today. Never ever would I have thought 13 years ago that I would actually do these things. One. Taking 15 years for us to move the Husband's parents' belongings from a rented storage locker to our garage. Two.  Buying artist's and crafter's paints. Three. Tending to all sorts of flowers on what was once Mama's lawn.  Four. Mulling over the possibilities for curtains I'll sew for the bedroom, L Studio, and living room windows.  Five. Interrupting a task to play Scrabble with the Husband, and knowing that I'll finish the task when we're done with the game.  Six. Painting a mural. Seven. Being told by a specialist that he can't straighten my leg. Crooked? That was news to me. Eight. Receiving my social security benefits! Nine. Being loved by Molly the Cat. Ten. Meeting many ki


A is for abandoned. And, that's all this gal shall be writing for the 2016 Blogging from A to Z April Challenge . Life has taken a critical turn that disallows (such a word?) me to participate in this year's blogging challenge. Best wishes to all participants. To see the list of bloggers, click here .

Simply Because

Dear Blogging Friends, This is for you! Hugs with much love, Su- sieee ! Mac

Meeting Blogging Friend Lisa

Lisa stopped to take a photo of a chair in the shape of the hand in front of the furniture store. She told me about an article on chairs she read on her flight. Now, she wants to take photos of chairs. "I must take a photo of Lisa taking a photo of the chair," said Farel, brother of Lisa. "I must take a photo of you taking a photo of Lisa taking a photo of the chair," I said. That delightful silliness was last Thursday when the virtual blogging world suddenly became real and I met blogging friend Lisa from Malaysia in person. Wowza, indeed! Lisa and I met on my other blog, Take 25 to Hollister , which is about my hometown and the place where the Husband and I currently live. The "25" refers to the two-lane state highway that leads into Hollister from the north. This bit of information will make sense a few paragraphs later. On Wednesday night, I received a Facebook message from Lisa: "I'm heading to Hollister tonight!" Huh!


Last week,  I read a post by Manzanita at Wanna Buy a Duck about a blogger friend who was visiting her. She'd ended her post with a question: "Have you ever visited in person with a blogging buddy?" I thought that would be pretty cool to meet a fellow blogger in person. But, I figured the odds are slim since the bloggers I would love to meet one day live in such far away places as Montana, British Columbia, Hawaii, Australia, the East Coast, and Malaysia. And, these days, far-away traveling is not on the horizon for the Husband and me. Ha! Was I proven wrong. About meeting blogger buddies in person, that is. On Tuesday, I received an e-mail message from Courtney of Maui Jungalow . She and her husband were visiting in Silicon Valley for a couple of days and she wondered if I might be interested in getting together. Voila! The next day, the Husband and I met them at the motorcycle seat factory in our town where Courtney's husband was ordering a custom-made sea