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13 Years Ago -- I Wouldn't Have Thought

Thirteen years ago, I would've replied "Nooo. Really?" should future me had reached into the time spectrum to tease me about my today. Never ever would I have thought 13 years ago that I would actually do these things.

One. Taking 15 years for us to move the Husband's parents' belongings from a rented storage locker to our garage.

Two.  Buying artist's and crafter's paints.

Three. Tending to all sorts of flowers on what was once Mama's lawn. 

Four. Mulling over the possibilities for curtains I'll sew for the bedroom, L Studio, and living room windows. 

Five. Interrupting a task to play Scrabble with the Husband, and knowing that I'll finish the task when we're done with the game. 

Six. Painting a mural.

Seven. Being told by a specialist that he can't straighten my leg. Crooked? That was news to me.

Eight. Receiving my social security benefits!

Nine. Being loved by Molly the Cat.

Ten. Meeting many kindred spirits through blogging. You all make my soul smile.

Eleven. Sitting on a beach chair in L Studio, formerly Mama's bedroom, to soak up the afternoon sun.

Twelve.  Turning Mama's kitchenware, knickkacks, shoes, bags, and trinkets into garden art.

Thirteen. Living in the town where I was born and raised.

No complaints.

It's Thursday, so I'm linking up to  Thursday 13 and I Like Thursdays. Come visit the other participants with me. Thank you, Darling Hosts.


  1. Amazing what 13 years can bring.

    1. Yup. I'll be 78 the next round. That almost sounds old. lol

  2. that was a fun picture of your life! Crooked leg... hmph! hasn't slowed you down!

    1. Thanks, LA. I'm getting up to a good speed these days. :-)

  3. You have done well, present and past you should be well pleased
    Thanks for dropping by my blog

    Happy Easter



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