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A Session of Q&A

I came across a fun meme today. It's called Sunday Stealing hosted by Bev Sykes of Funny the World. Every Sunday she posts a bunch of thoughtful questions that she has "stolen" from elsewhere for participants to answer. Who doesn't like to answer questions, especially about themselves? Intrigued? Check out Sunday Stealing here, after checking my answers, of course. 

1. The strangest place you've ever been.
The strangest place I've ever been is a thinker. Shall I consider a place itself as being strange or a place where I encountered something weird? Better yet, the unfamiliar concept of being in a certain place, and it still feels unfamiliar (thankfully) after I leave that location?

My answer. . .Thummm tha tha tha Thaaaaaaaa! . . .the hospital last year. From the moment I entered that hospital near dawn to the moment I stepped out the door the following afternoon was surreal. My gosh!

2. Unusual food combinations you enjoy.
Pancakes, syrup, and several dabs…


"Joy, joy, joy." is one of the things that Cu'Pie, our once-upon-a-time dear yellow parakeet, liked to say. Frequently. A wonderful thing to say, I say. And, I wish much joy, joy, joy to you all!

I first saw the above joyful sight of a hillside on Thanksgiving Day. It caught my breath in such a way that I made Eliza Does-alot do a wicked swerve onto the road to which I turned that nearly all of the fried lumpia fell from the back seat onto the floor. Fortunately, most fell onto folders and envelopes so none of Filipino eggrolls were tainted. Thank goodness. They were our contribution to a dinner.

A couple of weeks later I took the above shot that I painted today with Photoshop art filters. That day I made a somewhat gentle right turn, but came to a halting stop, in the grey rental car, which the Husband and I named Sedgwick. No lumpia sat on the back seat, but Good Friends J & T were. They, the Husband, and I quickly unbuckled our seat belts and tumbled out of Sedgw…

Another Union of Nothingness From Molly & Me

Here we are again, Molly the Cat and I, uniting for another post.

Missus Lady asked, "What shall we write about today, Molly?"

I flicked my tail.

"Aren't you coming up with me?" She slowly climbed up the second set of steps to the upstairs landing.

I flicked my tail.

"Then I'm just posting photos."

I flicked my tail.

That Missy Girl! I appreciate her escorting me up to the first landing. I have no idea where she decided to snooze. Zzzzzzzz, I feel like my head has taken a snooze. It's what happens after I play several rounds of an online word scramble game or do an online jigsaw puzzle or two. Yup, I'm back to doing the puzzles. Two months ago, I swore off doing online puzzles because my fingers locked in Spock's "Live long and prosper" sign. So far, my fingers have been okey-dokey. Knock on wood.

I've been having a slow time getting back into blogging, or any kind of writing project, …

Ponderings from Molly and Me

Molly and I are joining forces today because of whatnot and this. Maybe it'll be a regular thing. We shall see.  Missy Girl wants you to know that today's post is also her Molly's Monday #15.

Molly the Cat: Speaking of seeing, Missus Lady watched a hummingbird in the front yard yesterday. Szzzzz. Szzzzzz. I love watching hummingbirds, but I missed out because I was napping. "You snoozed, you lost," Missus Lady said when she wouldn't let me go out as she was coming in the front door.

Speaking of snoozing, this is what I found when I got back to my desk yesterday evening. The Husband wondered why Missy Girl just didn't go under the table if the light was too much for her. Zzzzzzzzzzz.

Did I Say You're a Troll?
Molly the Cat: The other day I overheard Missus Lady telling Hero Man about a post she was following at a local Facebook group. There was one part that was miao, miao. 
Human #1: Of course you won't believe me. You already think I'm a troll.

Untitled Four

The caterpillar does all work but the butterfly gets all the publicity. ~ George Carlin

Untitled #3

"Enjoy life. There's plenty of time to be dead."~ Hans Christian Andersen

Into the Light, Please.

"Go into the sunlight, Molly."

The Husband and I coaxed the furry Girl as she walked beside the side fence. We had been admiring our new front fence, yet again, when we noticed how the late afternoon light lit up our Molly the Cat.

Did she oblige us?

Of course not.

Fortunately, I happened to click the camera just as she wandered off the sun-lit path.

"You're welcome," said Molly the Cat. Purrrrrrr. 

I'm linking up with the photography meme Wandering Camera hosted by Soma Acharya of Whims and Fancies. Click here to learn more about this month's meme and to check out other participants.

Dancing in the Street

On Sunday, the Husband and I attended the Chicken Festival in San Juan Bautista. Bwak, bwak, bwak. The last event being 10 years go, it celebrates the wild chickens that roam the California mission city. The flock was thinned out a few years ago, but they are slowly coming back.

We didn't see any of the fowl, but we did see a young local dance troupe called the Grupo Folklorico "Carisma Mexicano" who performed traditional Mexican folk dances that incorporate ballet techniques.  The girls and boys were charming and delightful as they stepped and swirled in a rather tight spot on the narrow street among the vendors' booths.

Today is Our World Tuesday, where I'm participating. Here's the link. Grazie, OWT administrators.

Jumping Goats

Evening Into Night

Once upon a time, on a beautiful, warm Fall evening, I sat in a university extension classroom of like-minded adults who wanted to improve their writing skills.

I spent much of the first hour glancing out the window.  I wanted to see the moment of nightfall.

I missed it.

I is for In Search of the Letter I

Yesterday afternoon, at Bertuccio's, a produce market in Hollister, I remembered I had yet to photograph a sign or such that began with the letter I. Twice, I combed that store in search of the letter I.  Amazingly, no vegetable, fruit, or food product began with I.

Aha! The vintage weigh scale on display had something: IN TRADE. The complete phrase was NOT LEGAL FOR USE IN TRADE. I have no idea what that means.

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The Guard Molly the Cat

Today I'm throwing words onto the page. The end of daily posts for a year is coming up in October. I don't want to break stride. . . .Well, well, well. . .

Hello, Miss Molly by Golly!. . .Why thank you, Madame.

Molly gave me permission to share the photo of her standing at attention, guarding the front yard one morning last month.

G is for the Masonic G

The Masonic Lodge of San Benito County was established 147 years ago ago, three years before San Benito became a separate county from Monterey County. Its home is the familiar brick building with the infamous clock tower at the corner of San Benito and Fourth Streets.

The Masonic symbol of a G in the middle of a square and compass is on the outside wall above the lodge's entrance. The G stands for Great Architect of the Universe, as well as for Geometry. If you're interested in learning more, check out this page at the Masonic Lodge of Education web site.

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Sweet Days of Summer

This summer actually feels like the summers from when I was a kid allowed to do whatever I wanted (within reason) after all my chores were done. The days go by fast doing nothing. How fortunate am I.

Today's Distraction

Once I publish this post, I'm heading into L Studio to prep the place for sewing this week. That means I need to clear stuff off surfaces so I can strew fabrics and sewing stuff on them. My sewing objectives: Make curtains for our bedroom and upstairs hallway windows as well as a tunic for me.

My intent for today's post was to share more countryside photos, but, then I got enamored with playing with the above photo in Photoshop. That's the original shot of walnut trees. Below are two renditions of the photo with Photoshop filters. Which do you prefer?

By the way, for those who wondered, The Husband and I took BART to Oakland on Friday.

Sunday means All Seasons, a weekly meme hosted by Jesh at Artworks from Jesh St.G, which is where I'm heading to share my post. Click here to check out Jesh. For the participants list, click here. Thanks, Jesh!

E is for Embroidered Details

Perhaps after drinking several beers, I may be enlightened to see window reflections with my eyes closed.  But, I'll stick to sipping one glass. :-)

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The Delight of Late Afternoon Light

I love the lighting magic that happens as the sun starts its downward path towards the horizon. I often ignore the experts' advice and click into the west just because I like how the light reflects on objects.

My camera is a point-and-click. So, that I do, glad that I can crop, sharpen, highlight, fine tune the contrast, and so forth and so on with Photoshop.

These photos were taken on Sunday afternoon at Good Friends Missus and Mister H's ranch, who invited us to a smoked turkey dinner. They raise free range organic turkeys. Missus H said it was time to consume the last frozen turkey from last year. The Husband and I were happy to help. Yummm. The above photo is of Mister H carving one of the turkey legs with a rather humming electric knife.

Time for Our World Tuesday. Here's the link to check out participants from around the world, and maybe to join up yourself. Thanks, Our World Tuesday hosts!