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Hi, Hello. Hey there!

It certainly has been awhile since I've peeped my sweet peepers out of my not-so-dark hole in the ground. I love the way you say things, Jeana, of The Ched Curtain. You, too, Widders, of Widdershins Worlds. Thank you very much for wondering outloud if I was still kicking.  :-)

So, what was I doing while silent crickets and frogs took over the blog?

I've thought about things such as why girls couldn't also be made up of "snips of snails and puppy-dog tails", and wondering if anyone has coined future fossil fuels yet.

I've raked at least two years worth of dried leaves from beneath the flowers and plants in the front yard.  Not to say, learning yet again that I, no, we need to rake leaves right after they've fallen.  Also prune brittle and drying branches. Deadhead the flowers, too. And, pick up the fallen fruit sooner rather than later.

It certainly has been a long time since I've strung sentences together for fun. I am simply dancing with the delete button. That's okay, with practice uhm something something. Stuttering with articulation right now is worth the unintentional time-out I gave myself. If the Husband were to read that last part, he'd most likely ask something like this: "Time-out? You have deadlines?" This is another reason why I love this man.

The Husband and I opened the last 20 or so boxes of books that have been in storage for 16 years. Our living room looks like a library. I love it.

We recently had guests for a weekend, so we got in our second heavy cleaning of the year. While moving things around, the Husband and I found ourselves livening the living room walls with our photos, paintings, and such. 

In general, I've been having fun in my world with the usual culprits—color, creativity, cookies, and kookiness.

Love ya all sweet blogging friends.
Su-sieee! Mac


  1. Kookies and Cookyness! Love dancing with the delete button. Susie Mac is back!

  2. Nice to see a post from you Susie. Love the photo of you and husband, and the last picture is certainly very bright and colourful - it seems to leap out at me from the computer screen :)

  3. I love YOU and your culprits. Go ahead and give us your quirky sense of the world... we enjoy it! LeeAnna

  4. You aren't the only one who kind of vanished for a while there. There must be something in the aether. It happens. Glad you've been enjoying what you've been doing.

  5. Winterising the nest, I see. :) . . . good to know all is well. :)

    1. According to the hummingbird, I went one step too far for it. News at 11. Hey ya, Girl. :-)

  6. I hate clutter, that's why I prefer digital books. Funny how everyone is either for or against.


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