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I've had the great fortune of working in the publishing industry for (gulp) nearly 3 decades. Yep, I'm no spring chicken. I first worked as an editor for Janus Books that published supplementary materials for special-needs adolescent students. I wrote and edited science, mathematics, home economics, job skills, and social studies subjects. After a few years, I decided to become a freelancer. This July, I'll have been at it for 24 years. As an independent writer, I have written career and job skills books, as well as educational materials for the adult literacy audience.

If you're interested in learning more about my works, please click over to my web site.  Here's a partial list of my books, many of which are on sale at (Clicking on the titles  will take you there.) You can also find some of my books at your other favorite online bookstore.
The following career books are published by Ferguson Publishing, an imprint of Infobase Publishing (formerly known as Facts on File, Inc.), in New York.  
These books were authored by Richard A. McDavid, known to you dear readers as the husband, and myself:
These were the first career titles that I wrote for the publisher:

The Get That Job series was developed and authored by Winifred Ho Roderman and myself. The job skills workbooks are published by McGraw-Hill:
Job Hunting with the Telephone
Using a Job Hunt Planner
Your Basic Skills
Instructor's Guide and Resource
Winifred and I also co-authored the following naturalization materials, which are also published by McGraw-Hill:
The following books were developed for adult literacy students. All, but the last title, were originally published by Contemporary Books, which was eventually purchased by McGraw-Hill. The last title is published by Pearson Education.
Reader's Choice Insights
Vocabulary Exercises: Words for Everyday Living
Vocabulary Exercises: More Words for Everyday Living
Vocabulary Exercises: GED Vocabulary Crosswords Read to Work
Read to Work: Agriculture


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