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Molly’s Table

Molly’s dining table was a single white shelf that once belonged to the Husband’s dad who used it in his office. The shelf was the perfect height for Missy Molly by Golly to enjoy her water and meals.  As you can see, Molly’s table is no longer white. Painted and slapped-happy glued with fabric scraps, snipped pictures and photos, and rose petals, it was.   Was I ever excited and impressed to see the rose petals stay in place when I set the table upright? The Husband asked if the colors will fade. We shall see.  Molly’s once dining table will become a plant shelf on the table, which was Molly’s dining table in her  young and spry years. Jump.  I consider this end of the living room where the table sits as being Molly’s space. It was where she came out of her carrier the day we brought her home and where she let go of her last breath to soar into the Universe over a month ago.  And, in between times, this well-lit, airy side of the living room was where the pinky-nosed (wilde) cat ate,

What If? Q&A

This week, Sunday Stealing features “what if” questions. Those are always fun. Thanks, Bev.   1. If you were to be granted one wish, what would it be? This is leading off with a hard question. Shall I be selfish or simply ask for world peace?  2.  If you could spend one night alone with anyone in the world who is currently alive, whom would you select? What are we doing? If it’s being  intimate, then the Husband. Conversing through the night? The Husband or any one of my woman friends. 3.  If you could spend one night alone with anyone in history, whom would you choose?  There’s nobody in history I want to sleep with either. To converse with, that’s a tough one. I would like to spend time with all of my grandparents, whom I never met. 4.  If you could physically transport yourself to any place in the world at this moment, where would you go? Hawaii. Any island. 5.  If you could have lived through any war in history (without actually fighting in it), which would it be? None. 6.  If you

Rambling Thursday 13

1. I saw an ad this morning stating “Stay hydrated with custom drinkware!” Your name, a motto, or catch phrase in cutesy, swirly letters will get you to drink sufficient water everyday to keep from being horribly dehydrated.  2. Only 12 to 25 dollars, depending on the kind of drinkware. It reminded me of Mama saying “Those business people know what they are doing.” Followed by “They do not fool me.”  3. The Husband just read a headline aloud about the Texas legislature voting on secession. Go ahead, Texas. Be your own country. See how far you get on your own.  4.   Should Texas manage to separate itself from the Union, which is illegal and considered treason, with what countries would Texas align? Russia?  I read that Texas has the 10th largest economy in the world, even more than Russia.   5. Would there be an exodus of radical right to Texas?   Would an independent Texas go back to condoning slavery?  What would happen to Austen? 6. Yesterday evening and through most of the wee hours

Another Sunday Q&A

Today’s questions are from Sunday Stealing , hosted by Bev Sykes who publishes the blog  Funny the World .   1. If you could live in a house shaped like anything what would it be?  Round. When I was younger I liked the idea of living in a yurt. 2. What do you think is in outer space?  I trust what NASA and scientists say is out there.  3. Where is the most wonderful place you’ve ever been?    Here, at home, with the Husband. 4. If you were invisible for a day, what would you do?  In a way I’ve been invisible all my life.  I’m female, dark-skinned, with Asian eyes, obese, and now an old person. But if I were like the Invisible Man, I probably would spook some dishonest politicians to fly right. 5. What is the worst smell in the world?  Greed, closely followed by fear. 6. If you could, what animal would you be?    A whale who’s having a whale of a time.  7. What is the greatest thing ever invented?  The thing (a modem?) that allowed the public to access the Internet.  8. What is your fav

Keeping Sane

This week’s prompt for Friday Writings , at Poets and Storytellers United is “ be genuine / in life and ink / rebel against hypocrisy.”  Just Because Just because  you don’t want to learn nor understand, basic knowledge becomes misinformation to you. Just because  you don’t believe the facts  based on the knowledge  you don’t want to learn and understand, lies become your truth. Just because  what you thought was love had hurt you,  now nobody can have love. I sing joy, love, happiness, and peace, just because. -30- To join in, or to check out other participants’ work, click over to  Friday’s Writings .

Being There

Once upon a time I felt brave to take a beginning drawing class from a working artist. She was totally into calderas. All over her studio were canvasses, finished and not, of all sizes of calderas, realistic to abstract. They were all awesome and amazing! Such passion! I wondered if I ever would be passionate about something like she was of painting volcanic calderas.  I painted this landscape for our upcoming July calendar. When I was younger, July was all about backpacking in the Sierra Nevadas, thus the mountain scene. I have no idea what I’m doing when I paint. It just happens.  Today’s link up is with  Art for Fun Friday . Come along and visit with me. 

Get Cracking

This morning  I read an article about procrastinators not being lazy people. Quite the opposite, according to some experts of human behavior. That’s good to now. Procrastination, I know it well. Today, for instance, I didn’t get around to writing what I planned to share with this week’s Thursday 13 , but I did sew a pocket on a putter-around-the-house shirt, as well as turn its long sleeves into short ones. That, according to those experts is a common ploy with procrastinators, to distract oneself with a different task or project.  Here are 13 synonyms for procrastinate from Merriam-Webster: dawdle poke plod shilly-shally  fool around delay slow up mope dilly dally tarry loll decelerate filibuster That last synonym was a surprise. The shoe does fit for a certain party in the Senate. Okay, off to  Thursday 13   I go to check out more lists of 13. Come join me.  

Mama’s Tree

 “I like those red trees,” said Mama more than once when she saw crape myrtle trees in bloom.  Then she would imagine the mess the dried blooms and leaves on her lawn. Shudder.  Mama liked a neat yard. She picked up leaves everyday in the back because of all the fruit trees. I understand now why she did. Pincher bugs didn’t dare show their faces in Mama’s domain. Those bugs fear me not. I’ll control them yet. Last year the local high school, where I graduated, had a buy-a-crape-myrtle-tree-to-honor-someone fundraiser. Mama got her tree, by golly! And, I don’t have to clean up after it. Mama would’ve liked that.  The high school campus is fenced and locked during non-school hours so we may not ever see the tree. The school kindly sent the above photo of Mama’s tree. I believe Mama’s spirit is tickled pink that she has a plaque on the high school campus. I can see her smile. Sharing with Mosaic Monday . Come along and visit. . . .

Junie B. Jones

The prompt for Friday Writings , at Poets and Storytellers United,  was inspiration from beloved books.  Junie B. Jones was a character, and series,     created by the late Barbara Park, a children’s book author. Readers were introduced to this lively, rambunctious, imaginative, creative, delightful going-on-six kindergartner in 1992. Before Ms. Parks’ spirit soared into the Universe, she had written 32 Junie B. Jones adventures. I learned today that the series was on the American Library Association’s list of 100 banned and challenged books throughout the 20-oughts because Junie B. spoke like a regular kid with bad grammar and spelling. Bah, humbug. (Update: Thanks to Magaly, I double-checked myself and found I misunderstood. The ALA does not ban books, but creates lists of books that people ban to keep us, the public, informed. So, I take that back. I am not all disappointed with the ALA. My mother-in-law’s spirit is most likely relieved.) I was in my 40s when I came across Junie B.

Word Association

H-O-T! It’s best not to know the temperature when it’s crazily hot. Thankfully, we’ve only had to deal with the heat for the last two days this time round. I wonder if it feels hotter because we’re in a drought. Such is life. Today’s  Sunday Stealing  is  a word association. I like those games. So, she said and I thought… Hurry!:: Go Dumb:: Stupid Fudge:: cannabis Sturdy:: plunky Printing:: book Itch:: damn eczema Creaks:: Ghost Paste:: yummy pasta Waste of time:: Republicans Let down:: Republicans Cancellation: evangelical christians Suspect:: righteousness Fireplace:: heart Spring:: hope Commute:: Angry drivers Places:: travel Fraud:: Republicans Adoption:: Love Election:: Determination Moving Day:: Exhausted Want to play or see how others responded? Head over to  Sunday Stealing .

Hello, Monday Mosaic!

Hello, Angie and Mosaic Monday ! I’m so very happy to be hooking up this week. It’s been a very long time.  In April last year, my words went on vacation, to put it nicely. I’d draft things in my mind only to be abandoned, erased, or deleted on paper or on the iPad. Such was the way things went until this past February.  Doesn’t that gopher look like it’s smiling at the camera? The Husband and I were trudging along a trail of some sorts when we saw this gopher pop in, pop out of his hole repeatedly. Maybe it was waiting for us to go by. It was quite healthy. We were down by the high school so it must come across a variety of leftovers on campus.   Fortunate for me, I had my camera. I don’t carry it with me much because the lens has several water spots on it. It’s good for me to be without a camera to my face (click, click, click) more often.  It turned out that the oldest photos in the camera were from a local free outdoor concert the Husband and I went to last September. A gorgeous su

A Fortunate One

Every day I’m getting a hang of being older. Other than paying bills and returning library books on time, any deadlines are self-imposed. Lucky me. May I not find out otherwise. Golden Days Wake up.  Play.  Eat.  Play.  Eat.  Play.  Sleep. Repeat.  -30- I’m participating in Fridays Writings   at Poets and Storytellers United . The prompt this week is small rituals and daily routines. 

A June Calendar

This year I’m making collages for our monthly calendars. June is all about the Husband, being his birthday is in June.  About 20 years ago, a friend gifted the Husband with a six pack of Dick’s Pale Ale. When she saw it in Oregon, she said she had to get it for the Husband. I agree the little boy could’ve been the Husband long ago, and yes, that’s the Husband’s name. By the way the cute doodles were drawn by the Husband, and that’s the Husband’s dad’s photo pasted onto the tractor driver.  Sharing the joy with Gillena’s Art Fun Friday . Please, take a look at Gillena’s and other participants’ artwork. 


1. Nobody wants to hear about mass shootings. La la la la la la. 2. I’m rambling and researching about the subject as I write. So thankful, I am, for the Internet. It would be so easy for me to be a recluse, a hermit, an eccentric, a looney tune. Thank goodness for the Husband! Though, it would be easy for him, too. See, rambles. 3. Guns don’t kill, grump some gun owners. I suppose those people merely have guns for display behind beautiful etched glass doors. “Ooh, isn’t that the cutest gun,” I could say if I was shown such a private display. May that not ever be. 4. “Bah! I’ve got my rights to own guns. Says so in the Constitution, you libtard, Nazi, socialist, communist hussy.” That’s what I imagine some grump, hand on firearm of choice, could shout at me. At my senior age, I may not mind being called a hussy. There goes yon hussy. Waddle, waddle, venture I.  5. The imaginary grump can thank the late Justice Scalia for re-interpreting the Second Amendment to make possession of a fire