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Keeping Sane

This week’s prompt for Friday Writings, at Poets and Storytellers United is “be genuine / in life and ink / rebel against hypocrisy.” 

Just Because

Just because 

you don’t want to learn nor understand,

basic knowledge becomes misinformation to you.

Just because 

you don’t believe the facts 

based on the knowledge 

you don’t want to learn and understand,

lies become your truth.

Just because 

what you thought was love had hurt you, 

now nobody can have love.

I sing joy, love, happiness, and peace,

just because.


To join in, or to check out other participants’ work, click over to Friday’s Writings.


  1. Turn it around. Reminded me of this quote: "Ridiculous conspiracy theories are fast food for lazy thinkers. It lets them feel like they’re in the know without going through the hard work and discipline necessary to base your ideas on reality." - Lee Thé / Quora

  2. There are two people I know on the extreme different sides of ideology (in my family). One because it is what all her peers believe (let's her fit in) and the other because it makes her 'special', 'in the know', 'part of an elite group'... at least that is how it seems to me. When you just accept something as true without digging into for yourself you are just asking to be used.

    "you don’t want to learn and understand, lies become your truth." Exactly right.

    1. Peer pressure doesn’t go away for many people. There are safety in numbers, especially if liked by the group. So, I think.

  3. And I echo your song! This is lovely. And necessary, too.

  4. If we aren't willing to learn, we're not willing to grow. It's important to remain open to that joy, love and happiness.

  5. The world could use more joyful songs


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