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Pretty in Pink

Tired, I am. Happily popped though. The Husband and I have been out and about lately, a few hours here, a few hours there of wandering about, doing errands, or hanging with friends. It's summer, after all.

Today, my plan is to drag myself out to the backyard and deadhead the geraniums. It'll do me well to sit under the trees and breathe in deeply. It might be the ticket to pull the tiredness out of me.

Aren't those tiger lilies pretty? We saw those on the greenhouse tour we took two Saturdays ago. I wonder if I can get them to grow in our yard.

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Through a Depot Hack Darkly

Through a Depot Hack Darkly?

Remember the phrase through a glass darkly?  There you go.

What's a depot hack?

In this instance, a 1925 Ford Model depot hack. That's the handsome mechanical creature through which I took the above picture.  By the way, my objective was to take a photo of the spires of the Methodist church, which is several years older than the vehicle, through the depot hack's window. The reflection of clouds and another 100+ year old building was an added plus.

Okay, back to the depot hack. The owner told us that a hack, which body resembles a wagon, was a taxicab and a hack that served passengers at train depots was known as a depot hack. When train depots became known as train stations, the depot hacks eventually went by the name of station wagons.


Yup, the Husband's and my mouths dropped in wonder, too. I bet this particular depot hack's owner waits for that moment every time he tells the story. No doubt he has told it a lot.

Here's the…


When the Youngest Niece was quite young, she pronounced her y's as l's. Yellow was Lellow, for instance. It was darling.

Today, I share with you the two lellow things I saw this morning.

The photo above was of some owners and their antique speedsters driving to their start-up line in downtown this morning. The Husband and I actually got up in time (7:00 a.m. which is early for us) to check out various antique Ford speedsters and touring cars before they took off on their annual countryside tour.  The speedsters were doing a 200-mile loop, while the touring cars, 80 miles.

Then when we got home, these sunflowers posed prettily for the camera. Click.

It's time for All Seasons, a weekly meme hosted by Jesh at Artworks from Jesh St.G. Click here to check out Jesh. For the participants list, click here. Thank you, Jesh!


I read "Poison Pray-Line" when I saw this sign in a commercial greenhouse last week. That got me thinking about the Christians who support the current White House administration.

June Rose

The Mama's red rose bush produces year round, as long as I deadhead the spent blooms. I couldn't resist picking this perfect specimen with the intent of drying it whole. I left it outside in this box. The next day, the petals had dried, but they had also fallen from the stem. Oh well. Potpourri, they shall be.

Gardenias, Mmmmmmmm

Last week, we took a tour of a greenhouse that included gardenias, mmmmmmmm. Their scent, mmmmmmmm. The tour guide said that gardenias are coming back into popularity. I was surprised the flower ever went out of favor.

Winsome Winnie the Wallaby Bride-to-be

"Ladies, only two weeks more!" Winnie the Wallaby said, waltzing dreamily around the room in her wedding dress.

Edwina the Egret, her best lady, sang, "Waltzing Mathilda..."

Two of Winnie's better ladies joined in the song. As they sang, Judge Jennifer the Jack Rabbit hopped and pirouetted while Undine the Uakari twirled and swayed around the soon-to-be bride.

"Glorious!" Winnie said out of breath. The four creatures clapped and hooted. "Too bad the other better ladies couldn't stay."

"These dresses are gorgeous," cooed Edwina looking at herself in the mirror. "I feel so pretty."

"That's because you are pretty, Edwina, dear," said Undine. "The dress has nothing to do with it."

Edwina kissed the cheek of her favorite uakari.

"Oooh, what do you think Iago will say when he sees her?" Winnie teased.

Edwina blushed. "Enough of me," she huffed, pretending to inspect her right wing. …