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The Dude, The Husband -- So Sweet!

My favorite sweets are lemon chiffon ice cream, cherry pie, chocolate cake, and, of course, the Husband! The other week when I posted one of the Husband's cartoons of Quagmire the Slacker, I mentioned that Quagmire's girlfriend's name is Granola.  Some of you were curious about how she looked.  I asked the Husband if I may share my favorite cartoon of the duo for the letter S in my series of him for Alphabe Thursday .  "Sure," he said. "What's the word?" "You'll have to wait," I said. "So, you can be surprised." Can you guess why this cartoon of the Husband's is one of my favorites? Yup. Because it shows how Quagmire is so sweet. Just like the Dude that is the Husband. To check out other S posts in Alphabe Thursday , hosted by the lovely Jenny Matlock, please click here .