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Mama’s Tree

 “I like those red trees,” said Mama more than once when she saw crape myrtle trees in bloom.  Then she would imagine the mess the dried blooms and leaves on her lawn. Shudder. 

Mama liked a neat yard. She picked up leaves everyday in the back because of all the fruit trees. I understand now why she did. Pincher bugs didn’t dare show their faces in Mama’s domain. Those bugs fear me not. I’ll control them yet.

Last year the local high school, where I graduated, had a buy-a-crape-myrtle-tree-to-honor-someone fundraiser. Mama got her tree, by golly!

And, I don’t have to clean up after it. Mama would’ve liked that. 

The high school campus is fenced and locked during non-school hours so we may not ever see the tree. The school kindly sent the above photo of Mama’s tree. I believe Mama’s spirit is tickled pink that she has a plaque on the high school campus. I can see her smile.

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  1. Su-sieeemac! What a wonderful way to remember your Mama! Just today, I was taking photos of the apple trees that we planted for my Mom and Dad! Blooms and bees! Hopefully we get some apples this year. Thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday!

    1. Blooms and bees, love that image! No doubt the apples will be mighty delicious when they come.

  2. That’s sweet! I’m glad she got her tree.

  3. ...Susie, a lovely tribute to your Mama.

  4. What a nice tribute to her. I hope there are some events on campus where the public can attend so you can see the tree. I'm thinking of band concerts or choral performances.

    1. Hope so. It’s sad that schools now have to keep their campuses fenced in, gated, and locked.

  5. Such a lovely tribute to your Mama, Susie! Hopefully you may get to see the tree from time to time!


  6. A beautiful tribute to your Mama, Susie.

    Happy Wednesday!

  7. My mom's favorite tree was the spring crabapple. There's one growing between my parent's final resting place.


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