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Another Rambling Thursday 13

1. Who remembers the days of the manual typewriters? Clack, clack, clack. And, if you were a proficient typist, clack clack clackity clickclack clickity. . . !

2. Anyone else glad he or she took typing in high school? Friends tell me we learned on electric typewriters. I remember the manual typewriters in journalism class. Yup, I felt like a real reporter when I composed my stories on a typewriter.

3. During the days of electric typewriters, a few of my friends typed 100+ words per minute and more with hardly any mistakes.  I dilly-dallied around half that speed with several mistakes. (I hated typing documents that required carbon copies.)

4. The fastest I could type was in the high 70s. I remember coming out of a job interview all psyched about that high score. I thought that I ought to insure my hands. They were, after all, necessary for my livelihood. hahahaha.

5. The other day the husband and I talked with friends over the phone for a couple of hours. That's always enjoyable. We hadn't seen them since late January, and we live only several miles away. Being in our mid 60s, each with an additional risk factor, the four of us have no desire to experience this ever changing wicked virus. Nor to give it to others.

6. Pandemics don't go away over night, no matter how much we wish.

7. I have to wonder about people who protest that their liberties are being infringed because government is protecting the general welfare for everybody.  How many of them deny the liberties of Americans who don't look, believe, or act like them? How many of them say they believe in. . . . Aw, there I go, again, foaming at the mouth with righteousness.

8. Do people really say "Don't judge me." then proceed to do something unlike what others know about them? I see that ever so often in a TV show or movie. For instance a character scarfs up a gallon of milk or hot wires a car right after she says, "Don't judge me."

9. Today I would've had cataract surgery on my right eye if I hadn't cancelled last month. Elective surgeries are now allowed so I'll reschedule soon. It'll be nice to see clearly out of both my eyes. There are moments when I'm not wearing my eyeglasses I wonder why I can't see so well. Duh.

10. A beer trap is going out tonight! That's what the snails and slugs get for nibbling on innocent sunflower seedlings.

11. Being in shelter-in-place does not mean that the Husband and I console ourselves by eating snack foods and rich dishes. I realized that the other day when I was compiling the grocery list. Only took me two months. So, tonight or tomorrow I'll try a recipe for fettuccine Alfredo with a cauliflower sauce. Let's see if the Husband can tell.

12. The grocery store had a few ducks in its freezer section today. Goose, too. Honk. I was willing to close my eyes to the price, but as I was reaching for a package, I saw the frozen Cornish hen at a third of the price of the duck. Guess what I'll be roasting tomorrow or the day after? Not a quack.

13. Was it this past Monday that it rained? We got a fair amount in the backyard, which means there was a standing puddle on the cement. A cement pond, but not like what the Clampetts had, I wish. 

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  1. I learned to type on an electric typewriter, and I'm so grateful I took that class freshman year. I hated it. Oh, how I hated it. But considering how often I'm on a keyboard, I am so grateful I can type. (I tell the kiddos in keyboarding class how much they will use that skill. They whine about how boring the class is. I concur. But, I tell them they so need to know this.)

    I hear about mask complainers and protesters online. When I venture out for groceries, I don't see many mask non-wearers (although some complain about having them while they're wearing them).

    1. I wonder what kind of tricks the kids who took Typing 2 learned. Without the typing skills, I would've had a tougher time finding a job when I graduated from college. There wasn't much need for a BA in liberal studies.

  2. Love those whimsical set up scenes. I took shorthand too in school! I wish I could remember it now for taking notes.

    1. Shorthand looked so intriguing. A secret language. I wish I had thought to sign up for it.

  3. I love the flowers in the first shot, very pretty :)

    My dad gave me an old manual Royal typewriter when I was 10 and a 'teach yourself to touch type' book but I could never manage it. As I got a bit older I could type letters to a family friend using two fingers but it always took me ages. Never went near a keyboard again until I got my first computer in the millennium year - I still only use two fingers but over the years I've progressed to typing reasonably fast. I would never get a job as a secretary but my keyboard skills, such as they are, are enough for what I personally need.

    1. The Husband is a two-finger typist, too. I'm always surprised when he reminds me because he sounds like he's typing with all his fingers when I happen to hear him. I bet your typing sounds the same. That's pretty cool of your dad to give you a typewriter.

  4. love, love, love . .
    1. the way you share,
    2. the way you live,
    3. your magnificent yard,
    4. your mindfulness,
    5 Your Creative Mind
    6. Your Stories
    7. Your Photography
    8. Your Art
    9. Your Travel Adventures
    10. Your Perspective
    11. Your sense of community
    12. Your Family
    13. That i learned about a beer trap today

    1. You rock, Georgy! I love your song. That last line is a killer.
      Thank you, my dear. I'll try not to let it go to my head.

  5. I remember those manual typewriters. My father typed sometimes with eyes closed and you can't find a single mistake. Heavy things, I learned typing from an electric typewriter.

    1. Hazel, that must've been so neat and magical for you when your dad typed with his eyes closed, What a sweet memory to have.

  6. Electric typewriters were just starting to be a thing when I decided I needed to learn to type if I was going to be a 'serious' author ... but no matter how fast I learned to type i always ended up being a happy author! :)
    I hear your frustrations, and the dumb-ass things some people are doing out of fear and self-entitlement are completely incomprehensible to those of us with two brain-cells or more to rub together . . . unfortunately they have always been there haven't they? This is just another thing to throw their vitriol at. :(
    But, fettuccine alfredo with cauliflower sauce makes everything better
    Big hugs, m'dear, to you, and the Husband, and a special nose-boop to my favouritest cat in the whole world. :)

    1. Lately I've been thinking that the keyboard's delete button may not be such a good thing for me. I find myself deleting before I even finish a thought. On a typewriter, way back when, I banged away to edit myself later. Maybe it's something I ought to give a try. The Husband's electric typewriter is somewhere around this house.

      The cauliflower sauce was okay. It did have that alfredo consistency. I might try it again with a lot more garlic.

      Our town has begun phase 2: I'm hoping for the best.

  7. Hello, I took the typewriting class and my first job sent us all to learn the 10key adding machine back in the day. I think I was fastest of the class at the time. I think it is down right scary to see these protesters walking around with their automatic weapons yelling about their rights. All it takes is one looney to start shooting in the crowd. Hubby and I will start going out around the public when we feel safe, it may be long after everyone else. Take care and stay safe. Happy Sunday, enjoy your day! Have a great new week ahead!

    1. I would've liked to learn the 10key adding machine, along with shorthand. I wonder how my life would've been different having those skills.
      Who do those people with the guns think they are going to shoot? I'm glad our state doesn't have open carry laws. Shudder.


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