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Meeting Blogging Friend Lisa

Lisa stopped to take a photo of a chair in the shape of the hand in front of the furniture store. She told me about an article on chairs she read on her flight. Now, she wants to take photos of chairs.

"I must take a photo of Lisa taking a photo of the chair," said Farel, brother of Lisa.

"I must take a photo of you taking a photo of Lisa taking a photo of the chair," I said.

That delightful silliness was last Thursday when the virtual blogging world suddenly became real and I met blogging friend Lisa from Malaysia in person. Wowza, indeed!

Lisa and I met on my other blog, Take 25 to Hollister, which is about my hometown and the place where the Husband and I currently live. The "25" refers to the two-lane state highway that leads into Hollister from the north. This bit of information will make sense a few paragraphs later.

On Wednesday night, I received a Facebook message from Lisa: "I'm heading to Hollister tonight!"

Huh! I read her message a couple of times to make sure I was reading all the words straight. Curiously, Lisa had floated into my mind that afternoon. Perhaps I was picking up her vibe. Lisa had been visiting friends on the California coast and the evening she wrote she was with her brother, Farel, who lives in San Jose. (Farel, please forgive me if I have spelled your name wrong.)

The next afternoon, the Husband and I headed over to their hotel and we met, wouldn't you know it, kindred spirits. We took them to lunch, then a tour around town. At one point, Lisa was taking a photo of the city streets and said to me, with a big smile, "I took 25 to Hollister." I don't think Lisa realized how honored I felt when she said that.

After the downtown sights, we drove around the countryside a bit and headed over to our house where Lisa and Farel hung out and had dinner with us. At one point, Lisa, Farel, and the Husband were sitting in the living room bent over tablets and laptops enjoying themselves, each other, and the magical Internet. Me? I was whipping egg whites which is always magical to me.

Lisa fell asleep over her computer. Jet lag had caught up to her. When she woke up, she smelled the aroma of frying fish and said, "It smells delicious. It feels like home."

See you again, Lisa and Farel!


  1. Oh my gosh how fun! That's awesome you guys got to meet in person :D

  2. It sounds like you had great fun!

  3. Susie,

    I'd love to meet up with some of my blogging friends. If I'm ever in Hollister, I shall let you know! Great photos. Thank you for sharing!

    1. Most definitely, Sue. And when I make it to Australia, I will do the same. Notice I say when rather than if. :-)

  4. Hola Susieee I'm home, and missing California!


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