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My New Reading Glasses

Two prized finds among the Mama's stuff were the Daddy's eyeglasses and my middle school eyeglasses, which I hung on the hallway wall with a couple of old sunglasses. Because I lost a screw on my red Hollywood sunglasses, I was checking those on the wall. They didn't work. Oh, well. For the fun of it, I tried on my middle school eyeglasses.

What do you know? I can read with them! Waaaaay better than the reading part of my new progressive lenses.  I haven't tried my middle school eyeglasses with reading paperback tiny print, but they are so far so good with magazines and newspapers, as well as with books that have 12-point type or the illusion of 12-point type.

The Mama held onto things because, she said, you never know when you may need them. With these certain eyeglasses, it only took 52 years, more or less.


  1. How funny. My eyes have only gotten worse, but I wouldn't put on my '80s era glasses again. Nope. Not gonna do it.

    But the cats eye things. Those are stunning.

    1. I finally got rid of my '80s glasses. I don't even know how my tiny Filipino nose was able to keep those huge frames up. I found a photo of myself wearing these glasses. lol

  2. My first pair of glasses is probably at the bottom of a dump by now.

  3. I'm struggling now with the reading portion of my progressive lenses. I meed to peer through the very bottom of the lens to get enough magnification. I tried wearing a pair of off-the-shelf reading glasses under my regular ones and is works out pretty well. Need to spring for a new prescription, though.

    1. Sometimes I think it would be better to have lines etched into the lenses so I know which part to look through. I have progressives, too. I just might try your trick for reading.

  4. Everything (almost) old is new again. :)


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