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Five Things Today

  1. I thought today is Friday.
  2. I'm a few chapters into The Coincidence of Coconut Cake by Amy E. Reichert.  I'm enjoying it and it's so easy to read because the writing is seamless.
  3. The surgeon removed the week-old bandage covering the incision that marks the spot where the Husband's pacemaker was inserted last week. "You're good to go," said the surgeon. Hurrah!
  4. Why are some people okay about their neighbors being able to hear their music, conversation, and screaming grandkids clear as a bell from their backyard?
  5. I found three bags full of the brother's children's clothes in the Mama's closet. They've been there for at least 25 years, when the brother's wife put them in the bags to throw out. Somehow the Mama got her hands on them before she could. 


  1. The book sounds interesting, I'll have to Google it to see if it's one I might like.

    Great news for your husband, I'm glad he's recovering well :)

    Re other peoples' dogs/kids/music/loud converstaion etc, I think that's one question that will never be answered - and yes, they annoy the hell out of me too.

    Your mama must have had her own reason for keeping the clothes - sentimentality maybe? Presumably you'll throw them out now :)

    1. Hi, Eunice. The novel is a love story. When I was describing the story to the Husband, he said, "Like 'You've Got Mail.'" Because of where I was in the novel, I understood the connection. I'd read a review where the writer said the same thing, but I didn't get it then.

      I'm throwing most of the clothes out. Some are still quite good and will go to a thrift store run by a charity.

  2. I'm so happy your hubby is doing well....that must be a relief. Your mama keeps surprising you which is sweet. As for loud kids and music...ughhhhh

    1. Sometimes the Mama's surprises are sweet. I've also found a drawer full of new toothbrushes. Fortunately, I came across a shelter that needs toothbrushes.

  3. The Mama, even now, surprising you! :D

    1. No doubt she'll keep surprising me until I die and even then I'm sure she'll have something up her sleeve.

  4. NOW I understand how you became such a great story teller - The Mama kept surprising you - oh, the joy!!!

    It's good to know your sweetie is "good to go!" . .

    1. Thank you, G. You surprise me what what you think I am. :-)


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