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His & Hers Cavities

Yesterday afternoon I began writing this post to share with Thursday 13, but interruptions and distractions kept me from finishing. So, here I am this morning to try again. Just pretend this is yesterday.

1. I didn’t think I would write today. Then, the Husband and I went to the dentist for cavity work. 

2. At our teeth cleaning, the dentist found we each had a cavity. Another first for us: his and hers cavities.

3. Our dentist is a very cool guy. He plays in a band called the Sake Bombs. Old rock and roll.  That’s cool, but even cooler is he had us come in at the same time for the cavity work.

4. Dr. R&R has two stations dedicated for dental work other than cleaning. I got the corner one with all the windows to the busyness of passing everything and everyone. It was nice to look out a window and see something else, even if was waiting for decay to be drilled out of a back molar and the hole refilled. Is all decay the color black? Can it be gold or white? 

5. Dr. R&R worked on the Husband’s cavity first, and after he was done, Dr. R&R invited the Husband over to my station to sit and chew the fat. Imagine me sitting in the dental chair, mouth wide open, jaw pulled to the right, and the dentist going to town with his mirrors, spiked things, drills, and hot light, with the dental assistant squirting water and at the same suctioning it out. And, imagine the Husband sitting by my feet watching it all take place. If that’s not love, what is?

6. Somewhere along the way, the Husband and Dr. R&r got to joking about paranoia. What’s paranoid is approaching a football huddle and you think they’re talking about you? said the doctor. Yep.  I know  that one, but  I didn’t want to admit it after he cracked the joke. 

7. Dr. R&R stuck a red light in my mouth for 10 seconds or so to cure the stuff he put in the hole.  Amazing! How much heat did that gizmo give off? I have to say when he used the word cure, an image of someone using a wooden torch to cure a horrible leg wound popped into my head. That’s what comes from watching too many American pioneer movies. 

8. So, all in all, it was a fun, joyful morning with the Husband at the dentist’s office. It helped me gather courage. Thank you, Dr. R&R!

9. As we were making our stage left, Dr. R&R reminded us not to eat for 3 hours and then preferably soft stuff, “especially you,” said he, looking at me….Cccrrunch. The potato chips were fresh at mealtime.

10. From the dentist office, we went grocerying. tra la, trala. Usually I like to go early in the morning when few people are about. By midmorning it’s a strange new world, which I’d rather not enter. Too many traffic jams in the aisle, and on this morning, by little old ladies like me. The Husband and I would’ve been happy to drive straight home after the dental visit. But, we were on a mission to find food that Molly might eat. 

11. I’m sorry to say that Missy Girl’s body is closing down on her. The veterinarian doesn’t   know what is causing her abdomen to retain fluid. He suspects cancer but more tests would need to be taken. No guarantee that they would find the answer, or if Molly would respond positively to chemotherapy to live maybe another year or two. If only we were rich.

12. The soupy cat food we found at the grocery store was a success. Yay! The tiny amount Molly ate perked her up each time, which perked the Husband  and me up big time, too. This evening she had the energy to venture and sit in different parts of the yard.

13. The veterinarian says Molly may live another week or two. That was yesterday (Wednesday). I cried a lot. Today is a better day. It helped to go to the dentist, I tell you. The Husband and I want to make sure Molly has a comfortable and joyful transition to her next adventure. For us, too. We’ve begun filling the Molly cavity with light. We talk story with Molly, reminiscing about things she has done such as climbing up to the top of the bare persimmon tree and scrambling down by herself. 

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  1. Well that was an eventful Thursday 13. I'm sorry about Molly. It is so hard to lose a pet.

  2. The dentist is no fun, but at least you had a good conversation. Sorry about Molly.

  3. I am so very sorry about Molly. But here's the thing: even if you were a millionaire, chemo might not be right for her. My friend Elaine is a wonderful cat mom, always taking her big furry fella to the vet and a special feline acupuncturist. And that's fine for her. But I look at my girl cat, Connie, and I know all those trips in the car would be so terrifying for her. If ever I find myself in Elaine's position -- and I very well may -- I couldn't do that to her. So I am sure you are making the right choice for you and for Molly, and that you're doing all you can with great love.

  4. This made me cry a little Susie. I'm so sorry about Molly - if there's nothing you can do for her medical-wise then just love her, cuddle her and talk to her lots, especially at the end. The last of the five senses to shut down is hearing so hopefully she will go to sleep listening to your soothing voice. Please post an update when you can - thinking of you and sending hugs from the UK xx


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