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H is for a Happy Molly and Her Humans

Hey Missus Lady, come down and roll with me on this warm cement. You don't know what you're missing. Purrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

Molly invites me every time she notices me having noticed her rocking back and forth on her back. She exudes happiness, that girl does. Thank you, Missy Molly by Golly.

Hey Missus Lady, here's the perfect place to hang out when you want some shade. Purrrrrrrrrr.

Molly Girl came home with the Husband and me seven yearsago. Here's how her majesty looked that first week with us and the Beloved Mama.

Today's hang-out is ABC Wednesday. Head there by click here. Thank you, ABCW hosts!

Molly's Monday #18

Hullo. Missus Lady begged my pardon this morning and said she won't be joining me on the blog today. I told her my Christmas present to her is today's post. Purrrrrrrrrr.

I wandered around the backyard earlier for a few minutes. Brrrr. It's supposed to rain big-time today. That's a good Christmas gift, too. I can watch the world from the upstairs bedroom window. Purrrrrr.

My Humans are scurrying around the house, scanning shelves and cabinets, peeking into nooks and crannies, and opening boxes and drawers to find gifts for each other. This morning Missus Lady proposed that she and Hero Man exchange five gifts, to which he agreed. One gift had to be a coupon for something that costs nothing, while the other four gifts were things (not heavy nor large) that each found anywhere in the house, garage, and yards. Missus Lady says the fun and joy is in the hunt, along with the opening of surprises. Purrrrrrrrr.

A week ago, Missus Lady found a box of angel chimes among Hero Ma…

Molly's Monday #10

Miao. Missus Lady told me that today marks 10 weeks for me on something ladder something-something view. What are "10 weeks"? Miao, miao.

What's more important to me is for Hero Man and her to feed me the stuff I like.  Miao. What does she means when she says, "You liked this food before. Why won't you eat it now?" It's always the first time when she opens a can and spoons out the contents on my plate. Silly Woman.

They are so stingy with cheese. Last night I could smell cheddar on my humans' hands and lips. They used to give me cheese. Purrrrrrrrr. The taste is delightful. They tell me that I can't have cheese anymore because I throw up afterwards. Ice cream, same thing. So?


The back door just opened. Miao, miao.  See you next week.

Molly's Monday #9

Missus Lady and Hero Man have been hanging outside in the backyard with me a lot lately. I like it, even when they suddenly go into fits of chatter and laughter as they play with their paints, scissors, hammers, saws, and other stuff.

They crack me up, my humans do. Purrrrrrrrrr.

There is one quirk of Missus Lady that bugs me.

Click, click. Click, click.

When I hear that puckering kiss sound, miao, I turn around, miao, nearly all the time.

Click! goes the Missus Lady's camera.

How many pictures of me does she need? Miaooooo.

Molly's Monday #7

I overheard Missus Lady and Hero Man talking about whether to grow a couple of small patches of grass for me to lounge in the back yard. That's nice of them, but it doesn't really matter to me. Besides I rather like that they can't find me right away. Purrrrrrrrrrr.

Molly's Monday #5

Yesterday evening Hero Man told Missus Lady where my newest favorite spot is in the backyard. Miao.

"The apple tree on the north end?" Missus Lady asked, playing on her computer.

"Yeah. She stares at something in the tree. It's like she's waiting for something. Maybe she saw a baby bird fall out of the tree."

"Apples are always falling. She can get bonkered!"

Miao. Bonkered. I never thought of that. Miao.

Hero Man chuckled. "Maybe that's how cats get high. They get hit in the head, they're suddenly stoned."

"And, seeing stars!"


Miao. That's not funny.

 "We're not laughing at you, Molly," said Hero Man. "We love you."

Silly humans. I love them anyway.


Molly's Monday #4

Someone once asked my humans, "Where does Molly sleep?"

"Wherever she wants."

So true.  Purrrrrrrrrr.

During the day, they let me wander in the backyard. I sleep all over the yard. One of my favorite spots is beneath the avocado tree shielded by the butterfly bush. The only times they won't let me sleep out there is when it's raining, it's too cold, or it's too hot. And, when they go away.

I don't really have a best sleeping spot indoors. I like to circulate to keep Hero Man and Missus Lady on their toes. Missus Lady is really good at finding and cleaning my throw-ups almost right away. My humans don't make me feel bad when it happens. They tell me it happens to the best of us. They also say that they would love it if I would do it on the tiles in the hallway. Sometimes I can oblige.

Last night, I slept with my humans, next to Missus Lady's feet. That's the safest place to be. She doesn't turn much. I like to sleep with them on…

Molly's Monday #3


On Sunday, after a whole week of traipsing about every day, my humans lazed about the house. They also did a bit of puttering. Over breakfast, I overheard my humans agreeing that Hero Man will put in new light bulbs in the kitchen. They've been using the kitchen stove light and a flickering light above the sink for several nights.

Late afternoon, Missus Lady thumped down the stairs from the office to fix lunper (lunch + supper). After she stuck the chicken into the toaster oven, she opened the hallway closet and pulled out bags and packages of all sorts of light bulbs. For weeks, Hero Man said to Missus Lady, "We need light bulbs." She answered, "We have a lot in the closet." Said he, "I looked." Said she, "They're there."

Hero Man was surprised to see all the light bulbs in the hallway. "Where were they?" Missus Lady replied, "In the bookcase in the closet." Said he, "All I found was the bag with the large…