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Molly's Monday #10

Miao. Missus Lady told me that today marks 10 weeks for me on something ladder something-something view. What are "10 weeks"? Miao, miao.

What's more important to me is for Hero Man and her to feed me the stuff I like.  Miao. What does she means when she says, "You liked this food before. Why won't you eat it now?" It's always the first time when she opens a can and spoons out the contents on my plate. Silly Woman.

They are so stingy with cheese. Last night I could smell cheddar on my humans' hands and lips. They used to give me cheese. Purrrrrrrrr. The taste is delightful. They tell me that I can't have cheese anymore because I throw up afterwards. Ice cream, same thing. So?


The back door just opened. Miao, miao.  See you next week.


  1. It's amazing how the thing that makes you sick is something you want to eat. Strange.

  2. stars can have high expectations . . . mew?

  3. Cheese was often the only way I could get my dog to take her medicine.

  4. LOL. LOL. LOL. Over the last couple of days, Miss Josie lapped up some canned cat food that a month ago was cause for a turned up nose (and tail). Who can figure out cats????

  5. Special diets are the pits Miss Molly! But your people are trying their best -- be good to them, they are after all only human.

  6. Molly seems to like things that she can’t eat just like our Jade who loves chocolate

    1. Miao, I smelled Brie on them last night. Miao, Miao.

  7. If you didn't throw it up how would they ever know how much you enjoyed it . . . humans are strange . . . le sigh. :)

  8. I think you might like a little tuna, Molly?


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