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Thirteen in the Garden, More or Less

1. I've been working in the yard the past few days. It's getting where I prefer being outdoors. What am I talking about?  I've always rather be outside. It was when I was living in San Francisco that I got used to being indoors. After all, I can walk around without shoes.

2. Speaking of being barefoot. Last night we watched Sayonara, starring Marlon Brando, a 1957 film based in Japan about the prejudice against interracial relationships, in particular, marriage (Heavens to Murgatroyd) between American military men and Japanese women. There was also a hint of lust between a Japanese man and an American woman, which probably drew both an aghast! and a titillated hmmm from the audience. 

3. There's a similar theme in the musical South Pacific. In one scene, the American officer, who's in love with an island girl, and the American Army nurse, who's horrified the deceased wife of the man she loves was an island woman, commiserate about having to follow traditions and norms. Hence, they warble  "You've got to be taught before it's too hate all the people your relatives hate. . ."

4. I've strayed. The subject was bare feet, or being barefoot.  There's a scene in Sayonara where Marlon Brando sat sprawled on a window seat while his superior tells him to get over his love for the Japanese woman. I was impressed that the actor and/or director went with Brando being barefoot, and wiggling them, too, in the scene. Insolence couldn't have been shown better.

 5. The beans have sprouted, yippieee. I also see tiny tomato, pepper, and eggplant sprouts. Knock on wood, the bittermelon seeds sprout. I'm already dreaming of eating chicken ginger, garlic, and bittermelon soup with white rice on the side. Yummmm. The soup will be all for me, because the Husband can't abide the bitter in bittermelon.

6. Several weeks ago I sowed spinach seeds in a plastic window box. Tiny yellow blades are the only things that have come up. I moved the planter around the yard looking for its sweet spot. Nothing.

7. On Monday I noticed two volunteer plants next to the driveway that looked like chard or spinach. This morning, while weeding along the back fence,  I kept finding that same plant. I've given up on the spinach in the window box. I'm going to try sowing seeds again, but this time straight into the ground. Same with arugula and baby greens. Just a few seeds. It's fun eating food we grow.

8. So, today, while raking leaves in the back yard, I stumbled across a half-eaten bird, maybe a mockingbird. I am proud to say that I handled it in a matter-of-fact way after I said, "Ewwwwwww." I asked the Husband for newspaper, picked up the poor creature,  wrapped it up, and tossed it.

9. We think the bird was offed by the cat Missy Molly chased out of the yard yesterday or the day before.  She let out an amazing yowl that got the Husband and me to go see what was what. The girl had that other cat running full speed to the fence and claw its way up to the top and away.

10. This has been one exciting day. Not only did I discover a half-eaten bird and maybe spinach growing helter-skelter around the yard, but also a lizard.  The Husband says it was about 4 1/2 to 5 inches. I say it was at least 3 inches longer.

11. Oh my gosh, I found the guy sitting on the rim of the basket that I was taking outside. The basket had held lemons. While removing the good lemons from that basket, I saw a pincher bug which I was able to catch. I was so intent on the insect that I didn't see the lizard until I was nearly out the door.

12. Last week I saw a lizard run into a hole in the bottom of the shed that's at the far end of the yard. I'm sure this was the same fellow. Yesterday afternoon, I cleaned out the shed and reorganized it so I can dry lupine and poppy pods in there. All my noise and movement must've scared the lizard.  We leave the back door open during the day so Missy Molly the pinky-nosed (wild) Cat can come and go. So who knows whether it was yesterday or today when the lizard made a left into our house.

13. The lizard looks quite healthy. If it feasts on earwigs or slugs, it can stay as long as it wants. I wonder if it can eat itself to the size of a Godzilla.

There you go. Now, how about checking out Thursday 13 with me.


  1. The flowers are gorgeous! Sorry about the spinach. I've never tried growing spinach. Probably takes more time than I'm willing to give it. You mentioned South Pacific. I love that musical!!!!

  2. "Standing ovation!" so apt for the beautiful drawing. Such a joy to be able to go barefoot which does not often happen to us city folk.

  3. I can only go barefoot inside the house

  4. We have so many lizards around here, we have to be careful walking on the sidewalks. Although, they scurry away at most movement. Tiny things.

    I loved the movie Sayonara. Haven't seen it in years, but I noticed it was on TCM the other day. I was busy doing other things, so I didn't stop to watch. Funny how the interracial relationship thing has become a non-issue. Or rather, funny that it used to be one. I mean, who cares, really?

  5. Well I've talked to that stupid squirrel who apparently vacations on my porch now at least 13 times this week.. I find myself speaking to it like I did to my nephews. "So help me God if I have to get up and go over there one more time..." I'm thinking of getting the squirt gun out of the glove compartment but feel bad about even considering it.
    Did you know both Sayonara and South Pacific had the same director, the venerable Josh Logan? And both stories are based on a Michner novel.
    Great about the spinach, meanwhile I've just about killed off the hydrangea I've been keeping for my mother until it gets warmer, which I believe is tomorrow.
    Good for you, Miss Molly! I love that cat, both a sentinel and a lady.
    Lizards are interesting, I remember a story from a Florida boy I liked who said he woke up with a lizard the size of a Chihuahua in his mouth.
    Good job not screaming, "Ohmygodohmygod gross gross gross!" at the top of your lungs like i did with the mouse I found in the fireplace.

  6. You're funny! Everything from Godzilla to bare feet. Mine are bare now and I'm singing "I'm gonna wash that man right out of my hair," in my head (from South Pacific). I think we're all spending more time in our yard. I go where the flowers are.

  7. I remember that scene in South Pacific. Frankly I don't think that sentiment has changed a whole lot since that movie. Barefoot is the bestest, just ask my grandsons. Your flowers are gorgeous. Yep we have had some birds that have met fatal ends thanks to Boy cat, stay out of his barn if you value your life birdies. Hope you can snap a pic of your lizard to share.

  8. Beautiful wonderful yard where flowers (and spinach) bloom with abandon. There’s a lot of love there. I really enjoy the anole lizards we have in Florida ... they’re quite curious — one time I wrote a whole blog post while one sat on my computer screen. I think he liked my post. I want to try bitter melon, I wonder if I could find a restaurant that served it ,,,..oh wait, I forgot, we don’t do restaurants any more. Dang. I made an
    Indian curry today. It turned out well.

  9. Su-sieeemac - if you don't want that lizard, send him on over to me - he can have a field day eating all my undesirables. Oh, wait. He would probably die in winter. Shucks.

    Don't you love volunteers? I do hope that's spinach you've got there!

    All your talk of bare feet reminds me of one of my sisters. She grew up in Ohio, but now lives in Texas. The last time she was in Ohio, she took off her shoes and walked around in the grass - she said how much she misses that feel on her feet!

  10. I'm finally going barefoot in my Minnesota yard!

  11. What an exciting life you have, you make it so. I'm in barefeet right now and ate swiss chard from our gardent today.

  12. I love spinach too and I grow them in my yard every summer.


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