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Rambling x 13


1. This morning I went all the way down the stairs on my feet, without a gasp or flinch from my knee. Yay! I had been making my way down on my butt. Thump. Thump. Thump. 

2. The first morning I bumped down the stairs, Missy Molly the pinky-nosed (wilde) Cat tried to help me at one point. She actually got behind me and pushed on my back. Such a sweetie! 

3. The Husband has been carrying and fetching stuff for me. He also reminds me to stop doing things I ought not to be doing.  I'm still not used to be taken care of. You'd think after three surgeries in the last four years, I would be.  

4. Between the Husband and me, we have had six surgeries since Mama died in 2016. The Husband got a pacemaker, I had my reproductive system removed, and we both had cataract surgeries for our eyes. 

5. Molly says don't forget me. "I was the first one to have surgery, miao, miao." Poor baby. She had dental surgery, a month after Mama's Spirit moved onward and upward.  Molly sports one tooth, just like Mama had. 

6. Did I look as longingly as Molly to be outside? We sat by the sliding door early this morning. Did she notice the apricot blossoms dropping to the ground, too? We definitely both turned towards the fence when we saw movement in the avocado tree. Hello, tiny birds! 

7. Yippie, the bias tape maker works! At least, the one that makes half-inch tape. It's easy-peasy to use. Insert a piece of fabric, which is cut on the bias, and use the awl to push the fabric along until it can be pulled through the doo-hickey. Press as you go. Voila, bias tape! 

8. Along with the bias tape maker that I bought two weeks ago (which I only opened this morning), I bought 5 yards of fabric enclosed bridge wire for masks. Pipe cleaners do not work for us. They get scrunched up after several washings. The Husband says, "You're becoming a seamstress." Not even close. 

9. I really need to clear out the mess in L Studio so I can make new mess.  

10. Of the 13 projects I listed in January, I can check off sowing wildflower seeds, pruning fruit trees (I decided it's okay that I didn't get around to all of them this year), and getting my blood pressure down. I've given myself a deadline to scan the older family photos this month. 

11. It's fun making collages out of the family photos. The above collage is of Daddy, from his 20s to his 40s. I wish there were more photos of Mama and Daddy when they were young.

12. This is my third week on the detox diet. Do I have more energy? I can't tell yet. I look less bloated, a good thing, no doubt. My skin doesn't itch as much or as often, and when it does itch, I'm doing my best not to scratch. It helps to keep my fingernails short. 

13. I am now reintroducing food into my diet, one thing at a time. Yesterday, I got to eat a papaya. Oh my gosh, the first bite reminded me of Hawaii. Delightful. My skin didn't react negatively to the fruit, hurrah! Neither did it go crazy when I ate bananas the day before. I wouldn't mind eating a banana right now.

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  1. Yay for no pain down the stairs. Sounds like you're healing. And you should definitely let yourself be taken care of.

    1. This morning I figured out why I keep wrenching my knee: I no longer can pivot the way I once did. Aw, aging.

  2. Love that centerpiece and the alien! Beautiful photo collage too.

  3. Hello,
    What a great mosaic and images of your Dad. Your parents wedding photo is beautiful. I am sorry you fell, I hope your knee is feeling better. It is sweet Missy Molly wanted to help you. Take care, have a happy day!

    1. Thanks, Eileen. I'm learning to readjust my movements. Ha, an old dog can learn new tricks. :-)

  4. What a sweet kitty trying to help.


  5. I’m so glad you had no pain going down the stairs. You both have been through the ringers with operations but now all you need to do is move forward and you are. I love your centrepiece with Marvin the Martian....well his younger brother Wilber.

    1. Wilber is a perfect name for this alien. I think we got him from the space alien museum in Roswell, New Mexico when we were there nearly 14 years ago. And, all this time, he never revealed his name to us, lol

  6. The photo collage of your dad is wonderful. I’m torn between wanting to scan all our old family photos and wanting to make actual books from my blog. Posts. This is why I never do anything.

    1. I've thought of doing a book from my posts, too, Sallie. One day we will.

  7. It is difficult to be a patient when you're used to being the caregiver! Hope you continue to improve.

    1. Thanks, Anita. My problem is not to go and overdo again everytime my knee feels better.


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