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An End-of-August Q & A

I like taking part in  Sunday Stealing every so often. This week, hostess Bev gives us questions that she found at Upstream Life. 

1. Your favorite sport. To watch, none. To participate, bicycling and swimming.

2. A quote to live by. “Patience comes to those who wait,” quoteth Su-siee! Mac. I told the Husband that’s what I want on my gravestone. 

3. A city in the U.S. you would like to move to. San Juan Bautista or Tres Pinos, two nearby towns.

4. 3 beautiful things in my life. The Husband’s love, my friendships, and our home.

5. What made you laugh today? The deer grazing in our backyard. It’s a life-size (kinda) metal deer that I bought for 50 cents at a yard sale yesterday. Score!

6. A good deed you did today. The good deed I do everyday: Don’t take over the world.

7. Activities you like to do when you are bored. The usual—reading, painting, gardening, cleaning house, sewing, crafting, watching TV. 

8. Are you a procrastinator?  I’m a big-time procrastinator. 

9. Your thoughts about dying. I’d rather think about living.

10. What super power would you like to have. None. I don’t want the responsibility.

11. Top 3 Netflix series. I don’t watch any Netflix series. Currently, through Netflix DVD rentals, the Husband and I are watching Northern Exposure, which holds up quite well after 28-some years. We have Hamish Macbeth (with a young Robert Carlyle and Shirley Henderson) on deck when we’re done with Northern Exposure.

12. Things you want to do before you die. See more of the world with the Husband. Complete my project on my parents and their friends. 

13. Your biggest fears. The end of our democracy.

14. What makes you angry? Liars and cheats, especially if they are running for or hold a public office. 

15. Do you listen to podcasts?  No. I prefer reading transcripts.

To join in or read how other participants answered, go to Sunday Stealing.


  1. I loved Northern Exposure when it was on; I always wondered why I never saw it again in reruns. It has been so long it would be like watching something new.

    1. Janine Turner is brilliant as Maggie. I appreciate her portrayal of the character this time round.

  2. The doctor that Northern Exposure was based on (it was actually supposed to be set in Maine) was my doctor for a few years!

  3. Sounds like you found a great prize at the yard sale! I'm another who enjoyed Northern Exposure when it was originally on. I'm going to have to check around now to see if any of the streaming services have it. I need something new to watch.

  4. #6. I would love to take over the world and make sure that nobody else could ruin it. That would be a great deed.

    #11. Wow - Hamish Macbeth. I remember that from years ago. I didn't know it was on Netflix.




    1. We caught the tail end of Hamish on PBS, and just had to have more. I hope Hamish and Shirley Henderson’s character end up together.

  5. No superpower? I once read a book in which every person in that world had an "angel" that gave them luck (just like having a superpower). The main character's superpower was an ability to get amazing parking spaces. She hated it, as people would drag her along everywhere so they didn't have to look for parking. A superpower wouldn't have to be something like super strength or the ability to fly.

    1. Nope. No superpower responsibility for me. I am thankful for my angel and the Husband’s. They made sure we met. :-)

  6. The end of democracy is a legit concern.

  7. I pray that you keep your democracy and that orange man stars wearing g orange but I doubt t it. I'd love to twitch my nose and go wherever I want to go.I cod go to Europe and just enjoy. Funny, maybe I would get too used to it. I work in Niagara Falls...away from the actual Falls but the Falls are just OK. Meanwhile people around the world can't wait to see it.
    My fabourite, even though I am not religious but I love angels. It's better to walk with an angel through hell than with the devil through paradise. I hope you, hubby and Molly are well.


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