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How's everyone doing? Are you managing to keep your humor through all the natural and man made devastation right now? My gosh!

1. Thank you, dear friends, for checking in on my silence. I would be moaning up a crappy creek right now without the Husband and Molly the pinky-nosed (wild) Cat. Their sweetness and even keel help me keep my anxiety at bay.

2. Our heat wave is over, hurrah. After sweating through more than a week of 90s and triple-digit temperatures, I'm feeling chilled by the 65 F degree weather at the moment. I'm fine with that. It's easier to get warm, then to cool down. 

3. We woke up this morning to thick haze and the strong smell of smoke in the air.  The burnt smell came back late yesterday afternoon, after a couple days of barely unhealthy air. It was a nice reprieve.

4. Our poor avocado tree has been shedding its fruit. The Husband says its stressed from the heat and smoke. Today I picked up a couple dozen or so of immature fruit. That's scary. 

5. California is ablaze with over 500 wildfires, all started by lightening. Fortunately, no wildfires in our county. The haze and smoke we see and smell are from next door counties to the north and west of us. Thank you, you brave Wildland Firefighters and First Responders!

6. The dumb cluck in the White House griped again about us not raking the leaves. I've read that the federal government owns 57% of the forests in California, while 40% of the forests are owned by private citizens and 3% by the State itself. But, let's not point fingers, Trump. 

7. With all the fires, the daily coronavirus count took a back seat on the local TV news. Like everywhere else in the country, our rates have been creeping up steadily. And, like everywhere else, some people get all high and mighty about doing something as simple as wearing a mask in public to help contain the spread of the virus.  Our dentist's policy is to assume that if a patient is not wearing a mask, it's because she has a health condition that prevents it. I've read about people with such conditions choose to wear masks and say it's no big deal.

8. Anyone else disgusted with the menacing and fearful message coming out of the GOP convention?  It sounds to me like Trump is threatening us to be re-elected, or else. What a flaccid piece of meat!

9. I remember one of the few positive things many Republicans in 2016 cited about Trump was that he has nice children. Is that the reason the Trump kids are jibber-jabbering at the convention? Where are President Bush, Jr., VP Dick Cheney, and General Colin Powell? Oh, right, General Powell endorsed Joe Biden for President and President Bush has said he won't vote for Trump. News reports say Cheney is not into Trump either, but that doesn't mean a thing. Some people can hate a guy and vote for him because he will give them what they want. Ka-ching, ka-ching.

10. One, two, three, four deep breaths. "Doctor, doctor, it hurts when I do this!" said the patient, raising his arm over his head. Said the doctor, "Then don't do it." I love that joke.

11. Say "Black lives matter" and someone is bound to say, rather righteously, "All lives matter" and get all defensive about saying so. Maybe, just maybe, if those kind of people could say "Black lives matter" then all lives, including theirs, do matter.

12. Yes, I'm going to bring it up. I found it very chilling, sad, frustrating, and disgusting to see the photo of the smiling, baby-faced 17-year old Kenosha killer of two lovingly cradle his precious assault rifle. Did you read how the cops passed him by as they drove towards his victims, not paying any attention to people yelling he was the killer? Do you think the people who won't say "Black lives matter" see the irony in a White boy killing two people at a protest for Jacob Blake, a Black man, who was shot seven times in the back by a White cop? Why seven times and why in the back? Fire Tucker Carlson, the dumb clod.

13. Pandemonium. Aieeeeeeeeeeeeeee. We are fooling ourselves if we think four more years of Trump will make America great for anyone but those who already have riches.

There. My feathers are settling down. I thank you kindly for reading as much of this harangue as you could. I'll be sure to write about something more fun and kind in the next post. For a dose of pleasantness right now, head over to Thursday 13Take care, Friends!


  1. I have been worrying about the fires in California. There is one creeping up the summit of the mountain and I am hoping it doesn't crest the ridge and head down toward my family cemetery and where I buried my dear sweet husband. While we don't have the smoke, we have had the heat and humidity, and it is stressing my trees, I have a pear tree that is looking less than fabulous. :( I will say that I am right there with you life is getting scarier and scarier. Hugs and good thoughts sent your way.

  2. I like how the NBA cancelled their games in protest. I have a feeling we're coming into a period of major change, and those who like the status quo are fighting as hard as they can against it.

    Black lives matter. I kind of like some of the pushback that I've been hearing lately. On the 4th of July: all countries matter. On Christianity: all religions matter. And I'm thinking of making Christmas ornaments that say "all holidays matter". Sadly, those that say that other thing (other than Black lives matter) won't get the joke.

  3. Hello,
    The wildfires in California are scary, I hope you and your place stay safe. I am not a trump fan, he talks like an idiot. After hearing his sister say she did his homework I can understand why he talks like an idiot. If the feds had their way, they would log every single tree on federal land and sell the wood to make some money. I am scared of the crazy people are running free on the street with automatic weapons and the police just ignore them, sounds very wrong. Home grown terrorist are not very fine people, they are killers. Things can only get worse if the man is re-elected. I have to settle my feathers too, sorry. Take care, stay safe. Enjoy your day, have a happy weekend!

  4. Great post. It is good to get that stuff off your chest sometimes. I have a feeling of impending doom because of the elections. I think no matter the outcome, we're in for a very rough ride.

  5. It's all too much. Thanks for sharing. You are not alone! I can only imagine living with those fires.

  6. I must confess I have no interest at all in politics but I do feel for all those affected by your current wildfires. I love the last bright picture and the first natural shot is so pretty :)

  7. This has been a stressful year with hopes that things can get better. The wildfires are becoming a usual thing and I feel for all of you who live in California. We have friends that have been reporting the haze and smoke by them and they are about 60 miles away from where the fires. are. Stay safe and well and thank you for visiting my blog.

  8. Sorry about your avacado tree! Hope things will get better soon. Hugs from Atlanta.

  9. How sad that your avocado tree is suffering from stress. I thought that was only for us, silly people.

  10. There is a lot going on right now, and most of it is irritating and depressing. I feel all the things that you do. Look for the light. There is some of that too.

  11. I stepped back from the interwebz for a while too ... got overloaded with the overwhelmedness of it all . . .but like you, I'm back too. . . big hugs to your and Miss Molly and the Husband. :)

  12. For my own sanity, I've stepped away from the television, public radio and much of social media. It's nice to take a break to find the beauty of the world again. We need to remind ourselves it's still there. Hugs!

  13. Su-sieeemac - I share many of your views, but I don't have the guts to put them in writing in my blog. I hope that doing so was cathartic for you - and I pray every day that things will get better in our country - encouraging everyone to vote is the most critical thing!

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