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Huh? Lock Our Doors?

A police officer knocked at our door over an hour ago. Through our black steel security door, he asked the Husband questions about recent events on our street. Ten minutes before the officer's knock, the Husband came upstairs to tell me that he hadn't notice the heavy traffic on our street before. (He had been sitting in the kitchen doing the bills.) I shrugged and said, "Sounds normal." The Husband told the officer about the traffic and a police cruiser going by, but there weren't any sirens. The Husband didn't realize he was talking to a law enforcement officer until he asked, "Do you live nearby?" That's when the officer mentioned the police was pursuing a suspect in the area. And, that's when the Husband noticed the officer's badge. When I heard about the pursuit (the Husband didn't mention any police cars to me), I knew then that the Husband was most likely seeing a lot more than the normal number of cars zipping by.

Zed. Zowie! Zee.

Last week was the wedding of Winnie the Wallaby and Thomas the Tree Kangaroo. They hope you enjoyed the fun. They are honeymooning in Australia and New Zealand, by the way. Their reception was a blast. Sorry to say, pictures have yet to be processed. Judge Jennifer the photographer has been busy in court, and her assistant Zebediah the Zorilla Striped Polecat is no where to be found. Neither is Nalia the Napoleon mastiff of the Nfinity x 3 Security, for that matter. Some of the creatures say the two have taken off to Las Vegas. Fortunately, I have at least one more photo to show from the wedding. Winnie, Thomas, and some of us wedding attendants thought it would be fun to pose in a silly face-in-hole board. Crazy, huh? Us, animals, in human bodies. The wedding cake by Katja the Kookaburra was delicious. The music by Leticia and the Ladybugs was delightful. The decor by the Max Family, divine. And, when Hazel the Hammerhead Shark finished the Hawaiian Wedding Dance hula, there

Our Molly the Cat

When we've been out and about more than usual, Molly the Cat comes upstairs to the office to hang with us in the afternoon until dinner time. Sometimes she wanders in, circles the room to see what we're doing, then leaves, as if to say just checking. Other times, she jumps onto my desk and walks back and forth in front of me. Purrrrrrrrrr. When she's done with my attention, she heads over to the Husband and does the same thing. Purrrrrr. And, then there are the times where she decides to stretch out at my feet and take a nap. So sweet, our Molly the Cat

Cheers on a Monday

This afternoon, the Husband and I were walking in town when I made eye contact with a man walking onto the sidewalk. He smiled. I said, "Hello." "Hello," said he. "Do we know you?" I asked. He looked familiar. "No." "Oh, well happy Tuesday." "Happy Tuesday to you." "It's Monday," said the Husband. "It's Tuesday," I said. "Monday, I think," said the man opening the locked gate to a bank parking lot. "You're starting to confuse me." "Oh, yeah, I was at the museum this morning," I said to the Husband. Lately, I've been volunteering on Monday mornings at our local historical museum. Helping catalog donated items, I am. "Yes you were," said the Husband. "Ah, it's Monday." I looked back at the man who we didn't know him even though he looked so familiar. "Have a good one." "You, too," he said t

A Fellowship

The past two weeks, I found a fellowship among like minded people standing on a corner in our small city in our rural California county. We took a couple hours out of our Saturday morning to protest against our federal government's decision to separate families who cross over the border without the proper papers. Politics aside, taking children, especially very young children,  from their parents was a heartless and unjust move on our government. Yes, the current White House administration said it wouldn't do it anymore, but, without the public light on them, can we trust them to reunite the families. Last week, about 26 of us stood on the corner. Yesterday, we were more than 80 women, men, and children standing strong. That's a big turnout for our neck of the woods. For nearly two hours, we heard car horns and saw people in cars waving at us. The people in those cars were like-minded, too. They acknowledged what we were doing and approved it. I hope that they


I was about to write that I'm late today with my post, but then I thought, that's not true. Yes, I am doing a personal challenge of posting everyday until sometime in October. No, I don't have a given time to post my daily blah-blah-blah. Well, there is 11:59 p.m. Yes, there is that. This morning I thought this is a contender for the Husband's and my motto: We are old. We are retired. So what if we're a little late.  Giggle. 


I've been grumpy today. I'm trying not to be. I'm also trying to reel in sadness and disgust about the thieves in the White House and the soulless in Congress. These so-called leaders of ours, their crew, and the greedy rich behind them are destroying our country, along with taunting our morals, actions, and beliefs in all that is good.  Tomorrow morning,  there will be protests in various cities throughout the United States to let the current White House administration know of our discontent with their cruel and unjust immigration policies. The Husband and I will join like-minded in our county on a street corner down town.  The IRS sent us a refund check of $51 and some cents a couple weeks ago. We didn't cash it, but a letter from the IRS was forthcoming, so an accompanying note stated. The letter came yesterday. IRS wrote that I made an error transferring an amount from a form. Yes, I was the culprit, although IRS does not know it. I do the taxes, while t