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A Fellowship

The past two weeks, I found a fellowship among like minded people standing on a corner in our small city in our rural California county. We took a couple hours out of our Saturday morning to protest against our federal government's decision to separate families who cross over the border without the proper papers.

Politics aside, taking children, especially very young children,  from their parents was a heartless and unjust move on our government. Yes, the current White House administration said it wouldn't do it anymore, but, without the public light on them, can we trust them to reunite the families.

Last week, about 26 of us stood on the corner. Yesterday, we were more than 80 women, men, and children standing strong. That's a big turnout for our neck of the woods.

For nearly two hours, we heard car horns and saw people in cars waving at us. The people in those cars were like-minded, too. They acknowledged what we were doing and approved it. I hope that they felt like they were practicing their freedom of speech, too.

Most, if not all, of us stood willingly at that corner.  It was mostly through word of mouth that many of us knew to come to this corner the last two Saturdays. We needed to do something to chase our sense of hopelessness and helplessness away.  With or without signs, we wanted our government and our community to know what we thought.

As we parted, I asked several friends if they felt better than when they arrived. All said yes. 

An uplifting of spirits, for sure. 

If you'd like to see more photos of our local protest, please click here to view my Facebook album.

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  1. When Germans found out Hitler was killing off people for having disabilities, he promised not to do it again..

    He did it again.

  2. Good for you but maybe not great for your knees. People know not to separate an animal from it's litter but can throw kids in cages,. is there really nothing that can't be spun and justified by this administration?

    1. My knees were crying when we left. It took them awhile to get started walking. Next time, I'm bringing a beach chair.

      Giving a space blanket and a mat on the floor to a scared child whose scolded when hugging a sibling is not humane at all.

  3. Good for you. Too bad we can't trust this administration to do what's right. Or even humane.

  4. I am hoping and praying for a turnaround in this's such an atrocity!

    1. Me, too, Jill. I think it will. There are more of us like minded then them. They may have the money, but they only have the power if we give it to them.

  5. The state of U..S. affairs is just a mess and makes me sad to call myself an American. Everyone is laughing at us around the world. Every where I go, people ask me the big question why?

    1. Lately I've been reading unsettling news that points out this growth of fascism in the U.S. is happening in other countries, too. Shudder.


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