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I've been grumpy today. I'm trying not to be.

I'm also trying to reel in sadness and disgust about the thieves in the White House and the soulless in Congress. These so-called leaders of ours, their crew, and the greedy rich behind them are destroying our country, along with taunting our morals, actions, and beliefs in all that is good. 

Tomorrow morning,  there will be protests in various cities throughout the United States to let the current White House administration know of our discontent with their cruel and unjust immigration policies. The Husband and I will join like-minded in our county on a street corner down town. 

The IRS sent us a refund check of $51 and some cents a couple weeks ago. We didn't cash it, but a letter from the IRS was forthcoming, so an accompanying note stated.

The letter came yesterday. IRS wrote that I made an error transferring an amount from a form. Yes, I was the culprit, although IRS does not know it. I do the taxes, while the Husband checks my work. The error slipped pass both our "editor" eyes, which reminds me of a story. Some of you may have heard it before.

Years ago, a bike mechanic asked us if we do everything together. He wondered, he told us, because both our bicycles had a broken spoke in the same place on the back tire. Togetherness is us.

Here's something pretty and cheerful for you and me to end this post. It's from one of my jaunts with Tilda-Hilda.


  1. There's 3 type of Trump supporters right now

    1. Those too vain to admit he's a failure

    2. Those too embarrassed to admit he's a failure

    3. Those too stupid to realize he's the worst President in history (to any Trumpanzee reading this, if you don't think you fall in any of these camps, you're here at #3)

    1. Sadly, Adam, I agree. Until someone tells me otherwise, there number (combination of the 3) is still a minority. Hopefully most of the #1 and #2 folks will wake up before it's too late even for them.

  2. I can't even. I just can't. I'm finding it harder and harder to go on Twitter because every day some new hell happens, and I get angrier and angrier.

    Although, after the election my Twitter saved me. It was wonderful to see so many people who agreed that this was a disaster. And still do. But I feel so hopeless. There are so many ways this doesn't turn out well. So many examples from history.

    We have to focus on the good. We have to hope that people wake up and remove this fake president. And I'm just so grateful that my family feels the same way. We don't have the arguments going.

    1. That's great Liz, that your family is on the same wavelength. That helps a lot. This morning as the protest was winding down, a few of us were saying how much better we felt by being there and that in some way we were doing something. Remember the Monty Python song "Always Look on the Bright Side of Life".

  3. The saddest thing is that the orange cheeto didn't come to power in a vacuum. The ugliness he represents was there all along. May you stay safe at the protest and make great connections with like-minded folks.

    1. Absolutely, Widders. We've been heading this way. The 8 years with President Obama actually had me thinking we progressed. Ha! It was a shocker to find how much of the punch I drank. That's okay. I still remember how to resist. :-)

  4. Oh, such a sweet bike, mine is called, "Thumper" and she's been neglected all this year, poor thing. I'm hoping to get in good enough shape to take her for a spin or two before winter sets in.
    What gets me are all the lies that spew forth and hang in the air for the desperate and lazy to pluck as truth.

    1. My goal is to get the courage to pedal Tilda-Hilda. I'm almost there. I went up the stairs last night thinking there's no way I can screw my knees anymore than they are.

      I like the way you said that about plucking lies as truth. That's a sad condition to choose a lie for truth.

    2. I think it's easy if it's "your truth" which is the foundation of Trump's Tower of Babel.

  5. What kills me is all the people who think it is okay to make children suffer because of the way their parents crossed the border. A lot of people have no real empathy.


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