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Did Anyone Ever Tell You...

"Did anyone ever tell you that you look like Jerry Garcia?"

So asked two ladies of the Husband at an event that we attended last Saturday.

When his hair and beard gets long and full, he gets that question often. I like it when someone is reminded of ZZ Top. Then the Husband's beard is much, much longer.

A month ago, we were at a nursery with good friends Missus & Mister H. Someone asked Missus H where she found the plant she was holding. She said, "See that hairy guy? Look over there." The Husband told me later that he thought, "Hey!" when he overheard her.

Myself. I like to call the Husband, with his current look, The Wild Man of Borneo.

I like the above photo of the Husband.  You can't tell from it that he was striking a sarcastic pose. I cropped it because I liked the way the lighting played on him. Below is the full photo of him standing in front of a historic settler's cabin. I think he was pretending to be Kit Carson, Jim Bowie, someone like that.


  1. Looking good, sir. you'd create a sensation in the SF Bay Area!

  2. Now has anyone asked Jerry Garcia if they looked like your husband?

  3. Yeah, I can see the resemblance.

  4. Great pose and great photo. I didn't know a pose could be sarcastic but there ya go. I have a few bad memories associated with The Dead so I'd go with ZZ Top too. And THAT has to be one long assed beard, man, LOL.

    1. I have a whole bunch of photos of sarcastic poses by the Husband. One photo won me a blue ribbon at the County Fair one year. Probably 10 years ago, his beard reached halfway down his chest. That and his lonnnng hair bothered the Mama to no end. She was constantly after me to get him to cut his hair and beard.


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