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The ABC Creatures Revisted, Part 2

"Hello, Everybody!" says Agathe the Aardvark, one amazing wedding planner. "We, the ABC Creatures of the Honalee Bay Aquarium & Gardens, are here again this week to distract you of this and that, and all else from which you need and/or want momentary respite. Enjoy!"

That's very kind of the ABC Creatures, who showed up on this blog in 2018 for the then upcoming wedding of Winnie the Wallaby and Thomas the Tree Kangaroo.  I love these guys and gals.  The A to M friends dropped by last week. If you missed them, click here.

Nehemia the Narwhal, Noah the Nyala, and Nalia the Napoleon Mastiff are Nfinity x 3 Security who made sure everything was safe and secure at the wedding.

Ofelia the Octopus was the officiant who married Winnie & Thomas.

Pauly the Pademelon — where oh where had he gone?

Quinn the Quokka and Quaid the Quoll hoped they could sing their way to America and the wedding.

Cheers to our dear beloved Rhonda the Raccoon!

Stanley the Snail is the Salsa King.

Thomas the Tree Kangaroo and his groomsmen were very handsome in their blue attire.

Undine the Uakari provided the wedding guests with sweet hat umbrellas.

So sweet—the ABC Creatures serenaded the Vietnamese Elephants Valentina and Volare, her newly adopted son.

Winnie the Wallaby and Edwina the Egret, her best lady, looked oh so very lovely in their elegant blue gowns.

Xuxa the Xantus's Hummingbird and her crew were Agathe's eyes and ears at the wedding.

The Yellow Bats, both Northern and Southern, rang the wedding bells loud and clear.

Yagel the Yak drove Winnie & Thomas to the wedding.

The Yodeling Yellowjackets sang All You Need is Love to start the wedding ceremony.

Zebediah the Zorilla Striped Polecat has finally shown up. Nobody thought to look for him in the darkroom.

Hahahaha. Winnie, Thomas, and their wedding attendants couldn't resist posing in life-size cardboard cutouts of humans for a lark.  Oh, what a fine and fun wedding it was!

All the ABC Creatures, along with the Husband, Molly the Cat, and I, send each and every one of you big hugs with best wishes. Please take good care of yourselves out there.

It's time for Thursday 13 and I Like Thursdays. Please click the links to visit, too.


  1. Your characters are fantastic! You are so creative. I especially love the blue attire (mirror) one and the heads on the photo bodies.

    1. Thanks, Colleen! Yeah, I love that the animals posed in the human cut-outs. lol

  2. Nice to revisit the wedding party.

    1. Glad you enjoyed it the second time around, Liz. :-)

  3. Hello, I enjoyed the wedding of Winne and Thomas and the attendants are all so cute. You are creative, well done. Enjoy your day! Have a great weekend!

  4. Great pictures Susie, I love all the animals but Quinn and Quaid are my favourites :)

  5. Might they be having some more adventures in 2020? :)

  6. how enchanting! Of course the octopus officiated... long arm of the law... and yellow jackets sang and yak pulled the couple to their future!

  7. How delightful....just what we needed! Some fun! I love the elephants best! Keep sharing your art and creativity! It inspires us and keeps us smiling! Hugs from Florida!


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