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Yes! The Wedding of Winnie & Thomas

Throughout the morning the Northern Yellow Bats and the Southern Yellow Bats rang the bells in the campanile in the center of the Honalee Bay Aquarium & Gardens.

Insects and sea creatures, birds and reptiles, and two-legged and four legged animals in their Sunday best flew, padded, trotted, and swam to the grounds to behold the moment they had been waiting for the last three months.

By mid-afternoon, the moment began. The Yodeling Yellowjackets flew to their marks on the cut-out heart beside the officiant. As they began singing Yodel Love Call, the happy guests quieted and turned their attention to the eastern end of the meadow.  Slowly coming into view was Yagel the Yak, proud as all can be. Carefully and steadily, he pulled the cart on which stood the handsome and beautiful wedding couple of the moment.

Some guests cheered and clapped their paws, while others hooted and stomped their feet. Winnie  and Thomas blushed. Tears streamed down their faces as they waved and blew kisses.

Yagel came to a halt beside the path of white daisies. All You Need is Love crooned the Yodeling Yellowjackets to start the wedding procession.

First entered the flower girl, Rachel, granddaughter of the late Rhonda the Raccoon and the ring boy, Volare the Vietnam Elephant.

Next came the better gals and guys of the wedding party in pairs.

Swimming forth into the enormous tank to the right of the officiant were Hazel the Hammerhead Shark and Dicky Daffodil and Davey and Danny Daffodil.

Plodding down the daisy path were Valentina the Vietnam Elephant and Bubba Byrd (on her head), Filemon the Flying Squirrel and Quinn the Quokka, Guy A. Gator and Bingo Byrd, Pauly the Pademelon and Undine the Uakari, Ghandi the Giraffe and Jennifer the Jack Rabbit, and Agathe the Aardvark and Charlie the Camel.

Following them were the best gal and guy Edwina the Egret and Iago the Iguana.

The Yodeling Yellowjackets began humming the song Yellow. And, so started Winnie the Wallaby and Thomas the Tree Kangaroo down the daisy path to the officiant.

"Welcome Family and Friends of Winnie the Wallaby and Thomas the Tree Kangaroo!" said Ofelia the Octopus. "Welcome, One and All! It's a beautiful day for a wedding, yes?"

The guests cheered, chirped, whistled, cooed, clapped, and stomped in answer.

When all were silent again, Ofelia said, "I shall take that as a resounding approval for the marriage of Winnie the Wallaby and Thomas the Tree Kangaroo." The bride and bridegroom laughed along with the guests and wedding party.

"Winnie and Thomas wanted me to share with you this beautiful poem by E. E. Cummings." Ofelia recited: 

Love is a Place
love is a place
& through this place of
love move
(with brightness of peace)
all places

Yes is a world
& in this world of
yes live
(skillfully curled)
all worlds

The guests sighed and nodded.

Thomas turned to his Winnie and sang You Really Got Me. 

As he finished, Winnie took Thomas's hands and sang How Sweet It is to be Loved by You.

The guests clapped in appreciation, after which Ofelia spoke. "Here before us are two marsupials in love with each other, willing to stay committed to each other in dark days as well as bright ones. Do you Thomas and Winnie take each other to have and to hold in friendship and love from this moment onward?"

"Yes!" Thomas and Winnie said in unison.

Ofelia waved her arms above the newly married couple. "Cheers to Missus Winnie and Mister Thomas!"

The Yodeling Yellowjackets led everyone in singing Love Me Do, as the newly married walked back down the daisy path.

Want to hear any of the songs from the wedding ceremony? Here you are.
Yodel Love Call by Lucille Starr
All You Need is Love by The Beatles
Yellow by The Vitamin String Quartet
You Really Got Me by the Kinks
 How Sweet It is to be Loved By You by Katie Melua
Love Me Do by the Beatles

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  1. We finally made it to the wedding. Yay!

  2. I LOVE this endearing couple.

  3. This wedding was a long time coming and I loved being part of its magic. The drawings are sweet and it is a perfect day

    1. Thanks, Birgit. The ABC Creatures are glad you could come to it. :-)

  4. YAAAAAAAYYYYYY!!! ... ** waves arms in the air like Kermit and runs in circles, then slows down and wipes away a tear and sighs**

    1. Agathe and I are happy with how everything turned out. We thank you for the encouragement, Widders. :-)

  5. Replies
    1. Thanks, Roger. Choosing the recessional song was the hardest.

  6. Wishing them all the happiness in the world

    Have a splendid, ♥-warming ABC-Wednes-day / -week
    ♫ M e l ☺ d y ♪ (ABC-W-team)

  7. So much fun! Wedding looks great.
    I loved your description especially - "The Yodeling Yellowjackets began humming the song Yellow." :)
    Have a great week!

  8. Will I dare to suggest another song for the wedding soundtrack?
    "Froggie went a courtin' " in the version of Bruce Springsteen from the album "The Seeger Sessions"! Cheers!

    1. I'm listening to Bruce Springsteen perform it now. It's cool! Maybe the Ladybugs will sing it at the reception. Thanks for the suggestion!


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