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RIP Rhonda, A Rebel of A Raccoon

Cheers to Steve Arevalo, Big-hearted Teddy Bear of a community activist! May his spirit soar in joy and peace throughout the Universe!
This story is for you, Steve.

Agathe the Aardvark stood at the podium, looking out at the enormous room filling up quickly with Rhonda the Raccoon's family,  friends, and colleagues. All the bayside windows and doors were wide open for Rhonda's ocean friends to be part of the memorial. Agathe listened to snippets of conversation among sniffles and loving laughter:

"We could always count on sweet  Rhonda."

"I hope she bit him deep and hard, I do."

"If only she didn't have such a temper."

"That evil man deserved what he got. Rescinding environmental regulations, poo!"

"The Humans should be thankful Rhonda's last words were for us to stand down and not seek revenge."

"Brava, Rhonda!"

Agathe turned to the portrait of Rhonda hanging over the stage. She will miss her dark-eyed friend,  her radiant smile and resplendent heart. One of a kind, Rhonda was, thought the aardvark, always standing up for civil rights and justice. Agathe's soul ached as she glanced at a few of Rhonda's  handmade signs on display.

He may be a WH Resident,



Agathe chuckled. A rebel always in everything. She recalled Rhonda's last words to her. "Be sure to dance a rambunctious rhumba for me at Winnie's and Thomas' wedding, dear."

Clang, clang, clang, clang. clang, clang. . . .

Agathe picked up her bell on the podium and joined all the animals who held up their bells proudly and gladly with hands, paws, mouths, or tails. Five minutes later, the bell tolls dissolved into a reverent silence for their Rhonda. The aardvark took a deep breath and led the audience into singing Rhonda's favorite song.

R is the theme for this week of ABC Wednesday. Check out the meme here and the list of this week's participants here. Thank you much, ABCW team!


  1. Oh I love Rhonda! ~ Sweetie!

    Happy Weekend on its way to you,
    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  2. A very sweet but sad little story :(

  3. Bittersweet. Biter-sweet ;)

  4. Nice drawing but a bitter sweet story !

  5. Oh Rhonda, long may your sentiments keep the bright light burning and the good fight going.

  6. The ringing of bells, what a wonderful tribute. There will always be fighters, Rhonda, never doubt that.

    1. Rhonda felt certain of that to the end. She hoped that her friends would believe it so, too.

  7. Oh....this is sad but, your future book will let kids know that not everything is perfect, she did not die in vain

    1. Rhonda certainly did not. I debated on whether to write this story. What won out is the reality that sorrowful events do happen.


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