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Day 28: Approaching 70

This year I’m planting cover crop plants to help build up the soil. To make it easy- peasy, I’ve mixed different types of seeds into a bowl—buckwheat, red clover, lupine, chia, calendula, black-eye Susan, poppy, coreopsis, dill, and mustard—which I’ll toss around the backyard tomorrow. Yep, that is my plan. Should all the flowers bloom? Imagine….Wow!

Today I sowed carrots, parsnips, and wintermelon radish seeds directly into the ground. A few days ago, lettuce, red mustard, and Chinese broccoli (methinks) seeds were planted. Just in time for the rain that ought to start tomorrow. 

We’ll be getting four days worth of rain, so say the weather experts. We have a local news station that likes to call their meteorologists the weather authorities. I suppose.

Our local news stations feature the weather three times during the 30 minutes of news. The meteorologists come on within the first five minutes of news to give a teaser about the weather. Then ten minutes or so later, they are back to give the full rundown of weather locally and regionally with fancy maps and details. Their third appearance is at the end of the news to give a very brief summary of current weather conditions. It used to be the weather report came on near the end of the news like an afterthought. When did local weather news become such a big thing and other local news not, unless it’s about crime or disaster.

How did I get to rambling about that? 


  1. I have a news theory. And this works with the weather. When they tease something before the commercial break, they ask a question. ("Will rain spoil our weekend?") My theory is the answer is always yes. (I have not tested this, however.)


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