Thursday, August 21, 2014

Nearly to the Top


Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwessommmmmmmmmmme! Awesome, awesome, awwwwwwwwwesomme!

Everyone in the valley below should have heard me as I coasted down the hill this morning. Whooooo-hoooooo!

Once a week for the past four weeks, I have been pedaling up Cienega Road, going further each time. I have yet to make it to the very top, but after today, I know that one day I shall. I managed to pedal about three-quarters up what I thought was the first incline, only to look up and see it was one long continuous incline.

When it got too steep, I got off Tilda-Hilda (I think she may be partial to Tildy-Hildy) and walked her up to my first goalpost. Once there, I decided to walk a little further. Why not? I thought, I'm here. When it no longer seemed steep that I would fall trying to engage the pedals, I hopped on the pink cruiser and pedaled up the hill for a couple more yards. But, instead of turning around, I chose to walk Tilda-Hilda a few more yards to that fence post in the photo.

What a glorious ride down it was. Did I say that already?

"It looks like that's the top," the Husband said when he saw the photo. "From there, the road heads down into that other valley."

Trés awesome, if it is! Next week, Tilda-Hilda and I are going to the top.


I'm hooking up at Jenny Matlock's Alphabe-Thursday. Come along with me and visit other N posts in the blogosphere.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

That Effervescent Older Couple

I was in my late 20s when I first noticed that there would always be one older couple dancing their hearts out to a band playing in the middle of a mall or a hotel, or at a street fair or a farmers market. The couple would waltz, do the box step, cha-cha-cha, boogie-woogie, or just freestyle to the music.

The couple would be so full of joy that others would watch with big grins and smiles on their faces. A few people would even clap in appreciation. And, yes, there would be the few boors who would point at the older couple, laugh and make fun of them. But, then that's what boors do.

Well, here's the good news. Turns out the Husband and I have become one of those effervescent older couples.

Sam Farr 30-Day Challenge

I'm done! Yesterday was the last day. Whoo-hooo! I followed the rules as well as can be.
  1. I ate no foods made of flours or had more than 20 grams of sugar per serving.
  2. For 29 out of the 30 days, I ate no food nor drank alcohol after 7:30 PM.
  3. I worked out every day, pedaling Tilda-Hilda, the pretty pink cruiser, for a total of 303 miles and walking an altogether 6.55 miles.
Pretty darn good for this "young" old fogey.  Onward!

Today, I'm joining at  ABC Wednesday. This week is the letter "E" as in effervescent.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Ride Along with Me

Yippeee! One more week to go with the 30-day health challenge.

Have I lost weight? I don't know. I decided not to weigh myself when I started because I get very disappointed that I've lost only half-a pound or gained 2 pounds when I think I must've lost a gazillion pounds. Both the Husband and the Mama said I looked smaller today. 

This past week I was missing bread. Rice or quinoa with peanut butter, pesto, or brie doesn't quite do it. Next week, I'll be searching for sourdough bread and maybe jalapeño tortillas. Not to worry, I won't go overboard. I decided to do an additional two weeks, but I'll modify the challenge by allowing myself to eat one kind of floured item each day, if I feel like it.

My workouts changed this week. One morning, I woke up feeling too tired to bicycle so later that day I walked. I don't like walking because my knees hurt afterwards, which the Husband says is because I don't pick up my knees.  That day I discovered if I used my core (meaning suck in my gut), swung my arms, and swayed my hips (as in doing the hula), I propelled forward without putting a lot of pressure on my knees. My pace was also a bit quicker. After the workout, I decided to do more walking. If there was a public pool available, I'd add swimming to the mix, too.

We've had very foggy mornings the last few days. How foggy? You couldn't see the nearby mountains. So that meant it wasn't safe for me to bicycle. It also meant I ate breakfast before rather than after my workouts. I definitely had more energy. Interestingly, I felt hungry more often throughout the day though today the feeling wasn't as strong. Maybe my body is just adjusting.

Today, Tilda-Hilda (my pretty pink bike) and I accomplished another goal. We biked 15 miles. Up and down. Down and up. Whooo-hooo! Here's a segment of our ride, if you're interested in coming along on the bumpy ride with me.


Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Meet Tilda-Hilda

Finally, after 10 years, I have named the pink cruiser bicycle that I pedal. Say Hello to Tilda-Hilda.

Isn't she pretty? She's a bit shy, but very dependable. That Tilda-Hilda. Since December 31 of last year, she has taken me about 558 miles, which is like making three round trips from my hometown to San Francisco. Wowza!  

And, in all that time, she has only had one flat tire, which I wrote about over here. That's a pretty good feat since I have a way of not noticing what I run over.

I am very proud of Tilda-Hilda. She gets a gold star. I get one too, for pedaling her all that much.

Update of the Congressman Sam Farr 30-Day Challenge

Yesterday (Monday) began the third week of the challenge. Whoo-hooo!

I shall toot my horn and say that I have been strong and skipped the ice cream, sesame balls, Filipino sweet flour balls, and fruit tarts when they were readily available.

I'm already thinking about what I want to do when this challenge is over. I heard that when you do something 30 days in a row, that thing becomes a habit. Don't think that works for me. On Sunday morning, I smelled pancakes at least twice on my ride and thought that's what I want when this is over. Then this morning, I pedaled through the shopping plaza that houses the best doughnuts in town. Yeah, you got it. I wanted a doughnut. But, not enough to break the challenge.  So, good for me.

Same thing with exercising. Will  I have built enough gumption by the end of 30 days to continue to bicycling and walking on a daily basis? We shall see.

Now, where shall Tilda-Hilda and I go tomorrow?

Monday, July 21, 2014

Done and Did -- Week One of the 30-Day Challenge

"Wouldn't you like some potato chips with lunch?" I asked the Husband, as we waited for the light to turn green.

"Sure." He's such a sweetheart.

"Beer would taste good with potato chips. Shall we get some beer, too?"

"Absolutely!" I made a left into the supermaket parking lot.

"But, can you have chips?" he asked. I was on my second week of the 30-day health-and-fitness challenge.

"Yes, as long as they're not made from flour," I answered, easing the car into a parking spot far away from the door.

"You can't have beer then," he said.

I was momentarily bummed out. And, all this time we'd been driving around town doing errands, I'd been thinking of a gin and tonic. Not that I'm a big cocktail drinker,  But, today, I've been desiring an alcoholic drink. Then, my brain cells kicked in. "Alcohol is okay, as long as it's not past 7:30 PM."

"Are you sure? Beer is made from grain."

"Grains are okay. Flours, no. Any kind of flour. Not even gluten-free flours."

This 30-day challenge is going along as fine as can be. Kicking out flours and sugar has been easier than I thought, even when the Husband and the Mama are eating ice cream or pie for dessert. If it's not 7:30 PM yet, I eat an apple or some kind of fruit for my dessert. If it's past 7:30, I go bug Molly the Cat.

Interestingly, the daily exercise rule has been the hardest to do during the first week. I don't think I have ever purposely worked out for at least 60 minutes each day. Tops has been three or four days in a row, ranging from 30 to 50 minutes. When I chose to do the extreme challenge, I didn't think doing an extra 15 minutes of exercise would be as tough as it has been. Ha! But, I did it. I worked through the aches and tiredness. One of the things that kept me going was thinking of the Mama continually pushing herself at 92 years old to work in her garden everyday.

So, I'm giddily proud to say that I pedaled 62.8 miles on my fat pink cruiser bicycle and walked 2.2 miles during the first week of the challenge.

And, yes, I had three hands full of jalapeño potato chips and a bottle of summer ale with lunch today. Yum!

On to week two! Whooo-hooo!

Update: 7/22/2014 -- This is the second time I got the sugar gram wrong. First, I thought it was 28 grams, then 22 grams. I need to get new glasses.