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A Fortunate Child

It would take a lifetime for me to count the things for which I’m thankful, so I’m grateful that Thursday 13 falls on Thanksgiving Day. What a sweet cop-out.  🙃  So, here I go with 13 wonderful things that I appreciate about my parents.

(1) Daddy fell in love with Mama at first sight.

(2) Mama said yes when he proposed.

(3) They willingly left their homeland for America where they believed they had a chance for a better life for themselves and their children.

(4) They gave my brother and me a safe and comfortable life when we were growing up, in spite of their low paying jobs.

(5) They showed me, not just tell me, how to be an honest, hardworking, fair-minded, mindful, kind, and helpful person.

(6) Mama taught me my numbers and ABCs before I started school.

(6) Daddy taught me how to check the oil in my car and fix a flat tire.

(7) Daddy breathed calmness with a delightful sense of humor. 

(8) Mama steadfastly continued onward and forward with much fortitude and hardheadedness despite her frustrations, sadness, and insecurities.

(9) Mama and Daddy stood 100 percent behind me when I said I wanted to go to college. And, though they may have wanted me to become a nurse or secretary, they didn’t force their choices on me.

(10) They wanted to protect me from harm. Mama gave me prayer amulets and a huge safety pin while  Daddy placed a crowbar beneath the driver’s seat of my car and advised me to have a full tank when setting off on a trip, especially if I’m driving to the mountains.

(11) Mama and Daddy didn’t give up on each other, even in the most stressful times of their life together.

(12) Together, as well as individually, Mama and Daddy were  risk takers. They had a faith that all would work out well.

(13)  Mama and Daddy believed in me. They let me be me. 

I’m a fortunate woman to have been born to Francisca DeGuzman Domingo and Santiago Domingo Echaore.

Please check out the other bloggers at  Thursday 13 where I’ll be sharing today’s post. And, please visit LeeAnna and the bloggers hanging out I Like Thursday. Good cheer, One and All! Happy Thanksgiving! 


  1. What a beautiful list of rock solid memories, amazing family and gratitude... heartwarming.

  2. This is a lovely post. Thank you for sharing it. Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. What wonderful parents. I wish they all were that loving.

  4. This is a wonderful post. You had lovely parents!

  5. sure now I'm crying.... I loved your mom focused on internal integrity and your dad did what mine did, telling me how to remain safe in the car and teaching you to do maintenance. So much of life is maintenance. They taught you that you were valuable and lovable too... something mine didn't do. What a beautiful story.
    remember reader's digest personal glimpses? this would have been good there

    1. If only I had this insight when I was younger. The drama between Mama and me would’ve been so much less. Maybe. Like the saying goes, no use crying over spilled milk.

  6. You are very blessed to have such good parents!

  7. Such a heartwarming post!! Loved reading about your wonderful parents (and so thankful for mine as well!)

  8. Seeing that last photo brought a tear to my eye. How beautiful and young they look! What a wonderful post to read this morning, heartwarming for sure. You are a fortunate human being, Susie, as am I too.

  9. What a beautiful post! Hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving!

  10. I found #13 especially moving. What a sweet, inspirational TT.

  11. What a beautiful wedding photo! This is a lovely tribute.


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