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A Fortunate Child

It would take a lifetime for me to count the things for which I’m thankful, so I’m grateful that  Thursday 13 falls on Thanksgiving Day. What a sweet cop-out.  🙃  So, here I go with 13 wonderful things that I appreciate about my parents. (1) Daddy fell in love with Mama at first sight. (2) Mama said yes when he proposed. (3) They willingly left their homeland for America where they believed they had a chance for a better life for themselves and their children. (4) They gave my brother and me a safe and comfortable life when we were growing up, in spite of their low paying jobs. (5) They showed me, not just tell me, how to be an honest, hardworking, fair-minded, mindful, kind, and helpful person. (6) Mama taught me my numbers and ABCs before I started school. (6) Daddy taught me how to check the oil in my car and fix a flat tire. (7) Daddy breathed calmness with a delightful sense of humor.  (8) Mama steadfastly continued onward and forward with much fortitude and hardheadedness despi


 I need a keyboard! Pecking at letters on this iPad keyboard is becoming more annoying, but still not enough to seriously research what’s the best move, purchase a keyboard, a laptop, or a desktop.  How lucky am I? This is what I whine about and these are the possibilities, all attainable, I can do to satisfy my gripe. I am very fortunate. This is the American dream that Daddy and Mama wanted for their children. I shall always be thankful they had the vision, the courage, and the love to leave their familiar world for a black hole because they had the faith their children’s lives would fare better than theirs. This is my life, I don’t know anything else.  That line of thinking is to be continued another day, sooner than you think, I’m back to growling at this keyboard. Is it even called a keyboard? How can it be a keyboard if you can’t spread your fingers out into typing mode? Bah, humbug.  That reminds me of my piano teacher long ago telling me that I was playing a piano, not a typewr