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Not a Book Review: State of Terror


State of Terror by Hillary Clinton and Louise Penney. 

Wowza, what a tale! The authors are sure good storytellers. I wanted to keep reading at the same time put the brakes on because I didn’t want the story to end. Dilemma, lol. 

The main characters are kick-ass women with their hearts in the right place, the kind I hope I am. Sometimes I wonder that I may not be when I am among people who do not/cannot/will not/shall not equate liberal policies with the love thy neighbor principle. Probably the conservatives in my family think of me as a black heart. I have wandered.

State of Terror. There’s so much I like about this novel. The plot is, unfortunately, believable. If you’re curious for more detail, check out Maureen Corrigan’s review, “In this new political thriller, a familiar pantsuited figure saves democracy”, at I was never much of a book reviewer. I didn’t like writing book reports way back when either. 


  1. I recently listened to the audio of this. I couldn't put it away and thought it was terrific. I also hoped it was cathartic for HRC. Nice to see you!

  2. The point of a book review is to let others know about a book, good or bad. I think you conveyed that you liked it.

  3. I've been wondering about this book and appreciate your thoughts!! Not usually a fan of 'celebrity books' since I always assume they are written by a hired ghost-writer, but I did think that if Louise Penney's name is on it, it would probably be good. (I really like her Three Pines series.). And so based on your not-a-review, I will put this one on my Library wait list. (Probably by the time I get it I wlll forget who recommended it, therefore, thank you in advance!

    1. Not liking celebrity books is what took so long for me to pick it up, and that was only because the new section at the library had nothing I liked. I’m glad I did. I have a Louise Penney book on the table waiting for me to open.

  4. Oh, glad to know you liked it. Maybe I'll get the audio version.

  5. Hope you like the tale should you get it, Linda. :-)


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