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Not a Book Review: State of Terror

  State of Terror  by Hillary Clinton and Louise Penney.  Wowza, what a tale! The authors are sure good storytellers. I wanted to keep reading at the same time put the brakes on because I didn’t want the story to end. Dilemma, lol.  The main characters are kick-ass women with their hearts in the right place, the kind I hope I am. Sometimes I wonder that I may not be when I am among people who do not/cannot/will not/shall not equate liberal policies with the love thy neighbor principle. Probably the conservatives in my family think of me as a black heart. I have wandered. State of Terror. There’s so much I like about this novel. The plot is, unfortunately, believable. If you’re curious for more detail, check out Maureen Corrigan’s review, “ In this new political thriller, a familiar pantsuited figure saves democracy ”, at I was never much of a book reviewer. I didn’t like writing book reports way back when either.