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Forked Tongue

This morning I read a news article about Governor Braun of Indiana who expressed yesterday (Tuesday) that interracial marriage laws ought to be made at the state level. So, if a state decides to ban interracial marriages, well, okey-dokey with that. Of course, he didn’t say it precisely in those words.

Several hours later, I read in another article, after much pushback and horror, from fellow Republicans (after all why would he care what non GOPs say), Braun said his answer was taken out of context and he wanted to assure everyone, he was not a racist. 

Did you know that interracial marriage bans became a no-no nationwide in 1967 when the Supreme Court decided in the Loving vs. Virginia case that interracial marriage bans were unconstitutional? To some people, such as that Indiana governor, the Supreme Court was overstepping its role and legislating rather interpreting the laws for the common good. Tomatoe/tomahto.

Missy Molly by Golly says the Husband and I are quite fortunate that we live in these times.


  1. Did it start at the Supreme Court confirmation hearing? Or did the governor say it first? It's weird. I mean, why? I genuinely don't understand what the issue with a marriage between two humans is, so long as both are adults and willing.

    The racists are emboldened. Sigh. The really sad thing is, the worst of them don't realize that they are, in fact, racist. That's my take away, anyway.

    1. It was in reference to the hearing that day or the day before. A reporter had asked the governor his opinion about abortion laws, which he thought should be legislated at the state level and that led to him being asked about the Loving ruling. The rest is history although the man has done his best to cancel his remarks.

  2. It is hard to believe that a governor would say that in the 21st century! Wow, how regressive!

    Today I was listening to an oldies station and the song Brother Louie came on and reminded me how things were back when I was a child. Sad.

    1. I hope it doesn’t get more regressive. I hope we are on the way up from the bottom.


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