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Today I’m linking up with Art for Fun Friday and  Friday Writings . And, yes, indeed, today is Saturday. 🙃  Art for Fun Friday I created the fabric collage (above photo) recently on the backside of the board that we use for a makeshift coffee table. The board sits on top of Daddy’s hassock which, too, needs mending. (So many things to repair in this house.) The board’s original purpose, once upon a time, was the Husband’s drawing board.  Here’s the collage on the board’s front side, which I call the front because I covered it earlier this year. The collage is a combination of fabric, wallpaper, magazine photos, and vintage magazine ads. Fun! Friday Writings Prompt:  bleeding hearts Some people consider me a bleeding heart . The more hostile simply say effing libtard . I say, “you’re welcome.” Who’s the Bleeding Heart? You drop money in the church basket. You pray and ask for prayers. You go along with whoever you think has the the money, the glory, the fame, the power. You scoff at t

Forked Tongue

This morning I read a news article about Governor Braun of Indiana who expressed yesterday (Tuesday) that interracial marriage laws ought to be made at the state level. So, if a state decides to ban interracial marriages, well, okey-dokey with that. Of course, he didn’t say it precisely in those words. Several hours later, I read in another article, after much pushback and horror, from fellow Republicans (after all why would he care what non GOPs say ),  Braun said his answer was taken out of context and he wanted to assure everyone, he was not a racist.   Did you know that interracial marriage bans became a no-no nationwide in 1967 when the Supreme Court decided in the Loving vs. Virginia case that interracial marriage bans were unconstitutional? To some people, such as that Indiana governor, the Supreme Court was overstepping its role and legislating rather interpreting the laws for the common good. Tomatoe/tomahto. Missy Molly by Golly says the Husband and I are quite fortunate that