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Today I’m linking up with Art for Fun Friday and Friday Writings. And, yes, indeed, today is Saturday. 🙃 

I created the fabric collage (above photo) recently on the backside of the board that we use for a makeshift coffee table. The board sits on top of Daddy’s hassock which, too, needs mending. (So many things to repair in this house.) The board’s original purpose, once upon a time, was the Husband’s drawing board. 

Here’s the collage on the board’s front side, which I call the front because I covered it earlier this year. The collage is a combination of fabric, wallpaper, magazine photos, and vintage magazine ads. Fun!

Prompt:  bleeding hearts

Some people consider me a bleeding heart. The more hostile simply say effing libtard. I say, “you’re welcome.”

Who’s the Bleeding Heart?

You drop money in the church basket.
You pray and ask for prayers.
You go along with whoever you think has the the money, the glory, the fame, the power.

You scoff at the idea that climate change is happening.
You growl at the government for throwing money at the less fortunate.
You clamor for more guns to protect yourself from the powerless.

You believe you are one with the people you support with your money and hearts.
You believe they have your backs.
You believe you’ll be with them when all the bleeding hearts are wiped out.

So, you think. 

Will they?

Are you sure you won’t be among the first thrown under the bus as they go laughing wildly like hyenas with all your money. 

Are the compassionate, the altruistic, the empathetic really the bleeding hearts?

Is it really your hearts that are bleeding?



  1. That will be terrible when and if all the bleeding hearts are wiped out.
    Your collage is pretty, is it digital art made?

    1. Thanks, Jim. I decopauged fabric and stuff to make the collagex.

  2. Lovely collages! And I like the ironic yet passionate poem, particularly the line, 'You clamor for more guns to protect yourself from the powerless.'

  3. These collages are just beautiful. Your writings today are so true and wonderfully written. I invite you to join me for Friday Face Off. Any kind of face, from nature to alien, in any medium.

    1. Thanks, DVArtist for your kind words and invitation.

  4. Beautiful cloth collages ~ Xo

    Wishing you good health, laughter and love in your days,
    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  5. You are so artistic my friend. And thank you so much for visiting me yesterday and sending me hugs! Hugs back to you, Diane

  6. The lack of empathy from some folks is so frustrating, but sadly not at all surprising.

  7. Rather a bleeding heart than cold-hearted.

  8. Love your art...and yes I prefer to be a bleeding heart than a cold soul bleeding humanity

  9. People are polarized seemingly in every country and the gap seems like it can't be bridged. There's so much that keeps exacerbating it too.. timely thoughts!

    1. I’m thinking positively that we will bridge it.

  10. Luv the collages Susieee. Your piem today is a call to look into one' s heart to question our actions. Nice one

    Happy you linked to Art For Fun Friday


  11. well, one look at what is happening around the world with its geopolitics with nations threatening war (oh, one ongoing and a couple smaller ones in obscure countries), power-hungry politicians and disinformation, any good man will get a bleeding heart.

    btw, beautiful artwork with the collages. :)

  12. I adore your fabric collage and the first one as well. I love collage and mixed media (and am currently learning printmaking. I like your poem, but I also find that both sides have bleeding hearts - we do a disservice when we point arrows like this, but that is my opinion. Your poem makes your point - and that's your voice and your artistic take. :). And yes, there are people as you describe but I wouldn't ever paint with a broad brush. cheers.

    1. Thanks, Margaret. You give me food for thought. 🙂

  13. I like the collages, especially the top one.

    I always wonder to what extent the stereotypes of "conservatives" I see describe some real person I've never met, and to what extent they're created by partisan rhetoric...

    I'm not a Trump fan, partly because I believe he's never "had the back" of another human being in his life, but do Trump fans want him to "have their back"? The ones I know don't seem to. They respect him because his campaign didn't ask them for money every few hours; they like that his administration boosted the U.S. economy. I read them as more interested in being left alone by elected officials, being loved by their immediate families.

    Of course, that might just be the common ground I find with them.

    1. I don’t get why people would vote for someone to be their representative if that person didn’t have their backs, which I interpret to giving them what they want.

  14. I love the collage, looks like an abstract forest.

    And I'm right there with you, on the poem. If caring for other people and the planet means that one is a bleeding heart, well... let the metaphorical pumping begin.

  15. J’adore ce collage (kwarkito)

  16. I try to read. I hope you are ok! I see you haven't posted in a while.


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