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Card Crafting

Greeting cards galore—birthday cards, Christmas cards, Valentine cards, sympathy cards, and more. All vintage (1930 to whenever vintage stops), all used. All ours. Most of the cards are inherited from either Mama’s or the Husband’s parents’ collection of sentiments. We found the greeting cards, individually and in clumps, in envelopes, file folders, shoeboxes, and what-nots. 

What do you do with your parents’ memorabilia? Our first reaction. Ignore them for years and years.

Then came the COVID-19 lockdown. A lot of the cards got sorted. Some saved, others thrown out, and some cut up to make into our own greeting cards. We actually made Christmas cards last year, but I forgot to take photos. Lucky you! lol


  1. My parents still have their memorabilia. I've found I have to throw out cards not too long after I get them or I'll end up with a crazy collection (with no storage space). I'm sure it would be quite the collection in a decade or two.


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