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Picture Taking Time

Mama and her friend Yuki posed for a photo on our front yard one fine sunny afternoon. They're wearing short sleeves so it may have been late Spring or early summer. From the size of me, I'm either going on three years old, or several months into being three. 

Look at those solid legs. I wonder if they already showed signs of crookedness.

I love this photo. All you see is my back, my dress isn't completely buttoned, and Mama is watching me be intrigued about something. I don't seem to notice a picture is being taken nor does the photographer seem to mind that I'm in the shot. 


  1. It’s the unposed candid shots that tell us so much more andvthat bring so many more memories and so much more joy! . Love this.

    1. I like that I can enlarge tiny old photos so I can see a lot more. I'd love to know what I was doing. :-)

  2. You were a very early photo bomber :)

  3. Pretty shot of your Mama and her friend and you the photo bomber.
    Take care, have a great day. Wishing you a happy new week!

  4. That's a sweet photo. Maybe the top button is undone so the dress wouldn't be too tight around your neck.


  5. This is a sweet photo of your mom and her friend. It looks like you just did something to make them smile.

    1. Probably walked away from being totally in the picture. lol


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