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Today's Distraction

Once I publish this post, I'm heading into L Studio to prep the place for sewing this week. That means I need to clear stuff off surfaces so I can strew fabrics and sewing stuff on them. My sewing objectives: Make curtains for our bedroom and upstairs hallway windows as well as a tunic for me.

My intent for today's post was to share more countryside photos, but, then I got enamored with playing with the above photo in Photoshop. That's the original shot of walnut trees. Below are two renditions of the photo with Photoshop filters. Which do you prefer?

By the way, for those who wondered, The Husband and I took BART to Oakland on Friday.

Sunday means All Seasons, a weekly meme hosted by Jesh at Artworks from Jesh St.G, which is where I'm heading to share my post. Click here to check out Jesh. For the participants list, click here. Thanks, Jesh!


  1. I play with Snapseed which my friend placed on my phone which I love playing around with. I have to say I like your second photo shop better. The first is good but, right now, reminds me of th fires burning in your state.

    1. The Husband said the same thing. Both are earie.. I like the second one, better too.

  2. They look as if you painted the same tree in different seasons.....and I did mean to say painted! It’s funny how easy it is to get distracted sitting at the computer! Time flies. Good luck on the project you were meant to do. You are multitalented! All I do is get distracted on the computer .

    1. I used a brush-like art filter. Only one that seems to work for me. The watercolor filter blackens everything.
      Multitalented? Thank you, Sallie. I'm more of a multi-dabbler. This afternoon I was telling The Husband that I'm still waiting for my natural God-given talent to reveal itself.

  3. Interesting look. There are so many other filters that different apps use. Fun to play with.

  4. The reddish one ... appros for the season, sadly.

  5. I like the second one … it says 'life' to me.


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