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Angels of All Types

Today's share is with Warm Heart Wednesday, a weekly meme hosted by the generous Jenny Matlock of Off On My Tangent. Instead of a recent happening, I'm writing about a wonderful thing that took place in the distant past, which I was reminded about last week.

* * *

Once upon a time when I was a young thing living in San Francisco, I commuted 36 miles across the bay to my first dream job. Twice a day, I got to drive over the seven-mile long San Mateo-Hayward Bridge. Do you know how calming it is to drive over an expansive body of water? That's another story perhaps.

Today my story is about my commute home one particular late afternoon. At the time, I drove an aging red Dodge Colt that I was constantly taking into the shop for something old to fix. No doubt you know where the story is heading.

After safely getting over the beautiful bridge and up the freeway to the City, the car chose to give up on the heavily traveled Sixth Street, which was then known as where a lot of drug addicts and homeless lived. I was about a half block from Market Street, the main drag in downtown San Francisco. I was in the left lane. Honk! Honk! HONKKKKKKK!

By then I knew the drill. When all the cars had furiously driven around me, I quickly opened my door, got out, and gave my all to push the car towards the curb. Fortunately, the car was small, light one and I was sturdy and strong.

Before I knew it, three disheveled guys ran from the sidewalk and started pushing my car. I jumped into the driver's seat and steered it to safely. I was already thinking how I could reward the guys. Six dollars was all I had.

"Are you okay?" One guy asked me.

"I'm fine." I said. "Thank you very much!"

"It's a good thing we were here," said another guy.

I pulled out my wallet. "I'm sorry I don't have much to give you."

They declined the money. Once they saw I no longer needed their help, they walked away. Angels, they were.

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  1. Oh my goodness, what a warm and wonderful story. I am so glad you were helped by those "angels". What a terrific share!You know my dad raised us to "never judge a book by it's cover". I was reading your story and thinking of my friend Sharon. Her auntie was driving her big ole Cadillac Coupe de Ville on I-70 west in the Denver metro area. She started having aheart attack. This was the 1970's and no one owned a cell phone but most folks had a CB radio! Well along comes a hippie VW bus all painted in psychedelic colors and a stringy haired tall thin white man came running along the side of her car, which she was able to steer off into the shoulder. She thought he was going to harm her, she was praying, Lord is this crazy white guy going to kill a sick ole black lady?" Low and behold, he said, are you ok? I already placed an emergency call on my radio, the ambulance will be here shortly. He talked with her daughter who came to the scene with the police and had his buddy drive his van and he followed in the lady's car and got it safely home to her family. So we try to never judge by looks alone. Oh goodness, now I am on a roll and have another story to tell. Perhaps I will save it for a Warm Heart Wednesday another day. You always have such great shares. Thanks for this one and have a great weekend! Hugs, Anne

    1. Hi, Anne. Hugs right back at ya. That's a cool story. Thanks for sharing it with me. Yes, yes, share it on Jenny's meme one day.

  2. Angels come in all kinds of shapes and colors. Your angels came disheveled and full of kindness. I'm glad they were there at your time of need.

    1. Me, too, Beth. I wasn't worried about the surroundings, more about the tired and cranky drivers, who like me, just wanted to get home.

  3. Feel invited to!

  4. Susie
    I love your warm hearted story. Breaking down is a fear that lurks in the hearts of all women. You were brave to try to push the car to the curb. People used to help one another and they
    still do.

    1. Thanks, Manzi. That car broke down a lot, all over the city. It even blew a tire on the bridge, which my co-worker, another woman, and I fixed in no time. Ah the adventures of the youth of my past. lol

  5. It always warms my heart when people help each other. And I think it happens a lot more often than we get to hear!


  6. Excellent story ... I reckon every woman should be able to change a tire on her car, even if she never has to do it.

    1. Thanks, Widders. Once I thought I'd like to take a car apart and put it back together again. I did take a watch apart. Couldn't get it back together at all.

  7. Beautiful story and one never knows how angels look...or devils for that matter. I am glad they were there to help you.

    1. Thanks, Birgit. I am, and was, glad they appeared. They made me feel safe.

  8. What a great story. When my kids were little we took a trip in our little VW bug from Texas to NJ. My husband was not with us on this trip. Coming home the VW refused to start. With a push we could jump start it every time. I quickly learned that some people are always willing to jump in and help a mother and three kids. When we'd stop I'd have the kids start to push the car while I'd steer. Someone would always come and help them. We jump started all the way from about NC to Texas.

    1. I like your story, too, Betty! What a way to bond with the kids. Do your kids ever talk about it? In 1975, a friend and I went cross country from CA to NY in my yellow Dodge Colt. She got tired on the way back and we were jump starting her from Colorado to Canada and back down to California. I saw it as part of the Grand Adventure.

  9. Love.


    Love this story.

    My heart feels all warm and full and happy.

    Kind of like my stomach after eating sour cherry pie!

    This was such a lovely link.

    Bless you for sharing it.



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